No band-specific Guitar Hero games this year

Neversoft's Brian Bright has told GamerZines that Activision has no plans to launch any band-specific Guitar Hero games this year, telling us that "this year they (Activision) really wanted to just focus on two games," presumably the recently announced Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and DJ Hero 2.

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T9X693980d ago

How about no Guitar Hero games at all this year!

Staircase3980d ago

First thing i thought when i read the title.

T9X693980d ago

Yup, IMO Guitar Hero died after 3.

e-p-ayeaH3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

Then why it concerns you?

EDIT: I really wanted a Megadeth´s ver.

squallheart3980d ago

lol now theres some good news seeing how all those band specific games didnt fair much