Full Resident Evil 5 trailer on Marketplace now

Capcom has released a stunning real-time trailer of its next-gen zombie action title.

Pro-G were treated to a shortened version at E3, but now the full length trailer is available to download from Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The trailer is 143MB and in HD - Pro-G said: "We are still picking our jaws up from the floor."

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hotshot12374922d ago

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Xeoset4922d ago

Wow, companies have been pumping a ton of content onto the marketplace.

Going to download it now.

WilliamRLBaker4922d ago

of all the insane support ms puts into live and all the oppertunities ms gives companies to put content up nearly every 360 owner downloads loads of stuff.....i do ive watched all the content fron e3 thats been put up.

theres so much free stuff to see.

Chava4922d ago

in no way was that intended to bash the ps store in an unsuccesfully sly way

Daewoodrow4922d ago

I'm pretty sure you're just being paranoid there Chava.

Xeoset4922d ago

I know man, it's been hell keeping up with all the new content.

The whole of E3, I had my 360 running non stop, one day I ran it 12 hours while I downloaded a few Demos!

Also, check out the new FlatOut 2 Demo, it's well fun!

WilliamRLBaker4922d ago

its just a statement of fact, ive yet to even go online with my ps3 so i dont know the state of psn.

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LSDARBY4922d ago

Hopefully its on the playstation store later

hotshot12374922d ago
dont flame 4 this. but u hafta admit its pretty

neil19884922d ago

when are we going to get to see it ?

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The story is too old to be commented.