Harrison: Developers face format choice

Sony Studios boss says easy multi-platform ports are a thing of the past.

Speaking exclusively to MCV, Sony's Head of Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison has said that the choice developers face when deciding what hardware formats to support is harder now than it ever has been.

"Development and support for a format is very important yes, and the story is very different these days to how it was with older formats," he stated. "In the past you could pay a million dollars for a PS2 game and get a $50,000 Xbox port thrown in. Those days are gone. Developers have to pick their formats much more carefully.

"This is partly because of the huge cost of development. But it's not just a financial consideration. It's about strategic marketing and the online consumer. It's about how a game fits its format."

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WilliamRLBaker5416d ago

he has no idea because simply put one of the big cost explosions this gen is blu ray exclusive usage, the dvd use by 360 barely put any noticable dent into dev consideration of game production costs...

DaEnforcer5416d ago

You idiot, the hard disc costs doesn't even put a dent in overall games costs.

WilliamRLBaker5416d ago (Edited 5416d ago )

really? you mean it costs nothing to fund r&d to research and train your programmers to program with bd in mind?

it costs nothing to either refit 0r build new pressing factories for said discs?

it doesn't cost 5-10 dollars via mass produced pressed bd discs?

i didn't know that the only thing in game development was the programing of the devs must have a magical giant that craps out the completed media, box, instructions just by looking at the game right?

every thing you do to get your game onto bluray disc is included on the cost impact of hard media.

a company must get sdk,and tools to train its employees to program for the media type used, then they must either secure publishing rights so as to get said games produced in physical form onto said format, or they must build pressing plants that deal with said format, then they must make deal with publisher to purchase said materials to make blank said format discs or purchase said blanks from other companies or if they build said plants must secure materials if they make bd discs or secure blank media from other companies.

edit:people here must know nothing of game publishing....

Nicosia5416d ago

“This is partly because of the huge cost of development. But it’s not just a financial consideration. It’s about strategic marketing and the online consumer. It’s about how a game fits its format.”

So why alienate people from forcing the them to buy one format, that means less customers and that means less profit, less new sequals or new ips. The DVD had impact, and its still THE choice for the ''usual custumors''.

Rims5416d ago

Why spend millions on the xbox when your game will be gimped?

WilliamRLBaker5416d ago

how so far 9 out of ten ps3 games are gimped and deliver nothing as promised?

SorenK5416d ago

Yes, we can see, Phil, as most multiplatforms look worse on the PS3.

But seriously, there have been (or will be) some very successful multiplatform titles (Oblivion and Virtual Fighter 5 come to mind), which goes to show that good ports aren't that hard, it just requires a little extra money/effort from developers, which should pay off in the long run.

It still seems to make more sense to me to put in the little extra money and make a good port rather than build a whole new game because ports are more challenging/costly now.

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The story is too old to be commented.