Xbox 360's Crackdown wins award for innovation

Celebrations all round at the home of fellow Dundonian coders Real Time Worlds today. Their first exclusive title for Xbox 360 yesterday won the top award for innovation at the Develop Conference currently being held in Brighton, UK.Designed by coding legend David Jones, creator of Lemmings, Blood Money and the original GTA - Crackdown arrived[...]

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Bleem3605420d ago

It's fantastic to see Crackdown finally get the recognition it so rightfuly deserves.

FeralPhoenix5420d ago

Crackdown is hella fun....but it was heavily criticised I think because it was used as a pawn for the Halo3 Beta, therefore some people automatically assumed it was a poor game when in actually Crackdown is a blast to play, I definitely can't wait to see what they come up with for the second one.

Chava5420d ago

last thing i heard, my m8s were sayin how crap this is...

Captain Tuttle5420d ago

This game is fun as hell. I still need about 9 agility orbs!

Xeoset5420d ago

The games fun as hell, they had a winning formula and it deserved the win.

The amount of things you can just do and make up yourself, especially with 'Keys to the City'. It was a great game.

Can't wait for the second!

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The story is too old to be commented.