Gaming Invades Hollywood - 21 Adaptations

This Gameplayer article fills out the mythologies on 21 game series that are expected to be made into films over the coming two years. It covers the story arcs, main characters and settings of each game and explores where the adaptations might head. It also includes a round-up of casting rumours.

"Did you know that there are a whopping 47 films currently in production that are based on video games? That's in production ladies and gentlemen, not in developmental hell (of which there are another 23 that are known to be under consideration). Literary adaptations are nothing new, with everything from the Lord of the Rings epics to the Spider-Man comics jockeying for position at the top of the charts during every holiday period, but video games are another proposition altogether. And for jaded film buffs that gave up on the genre after Angelina Jolie's love cushions outshone the entire Tomb Raider sequel, it is time to revisit the concept."

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