GTA IV: The First Mission Pt. 2

Preview: Eyes-on with the biggest GTA gunfights ever..

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ShiftyLookingCow5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

no matter what people say(because their favored system is not getting aahh the "full experience"), GTA series is still the king of all action sandbox games incl ones that are coming next year. Neither Crackdown nor Getaway or other sandbox games I have seen come close to it. I bet the numbers will prove it again. And episodic content is just that, nothing less nothing more. Even without it, the game is as far away as possible from being gimped.

"Ah, Mr Bellic!" Greets the navy-suited Goldberg as we're ushered through his office door, and sat down in front of his ivory desk. "Your CV is very impressive..." he continues, but Niko isn't here to chat. Niko stands up from his chair. "Good, I like a strong character." Niko pulls out his gun. "Whoa, put it away - lawyers don't kill people, videogames do!" A fine queue to Mr. Thompson

THC CELL5419d ago

I really cant wait to see this. going to be a great game on whatever Console.

Rowland5419d ago

because of the exclusive downloadable content - PS3 won't have this...

peksi5419d ago

You just had to say it did you? Why can't you idiots just discuss about the games and stop this boring, stupid, classless arguing.

We all know that 360 will have exclusive content and that's a helluva good thing for 360 owners! So shut up and go on.

PoopsMagee5419d ago

I'm totally stunned at the new features that are being announced. I'm sure the final game will be even cleaner and more incredible. Rockstar isn't known to disappoint, although I am surprised they aren't adding any incentive to purchase it for the PS3.

ShiftyLookingCow5419d ago

People bought Oblivion PS3 even though it doesn't have Shivering Isles sure that exp is coming to PS3 later on but wasn't Oblivion without Shivering Isles still worth its price?

THC CELL5419d ago

people may not that the ps3 ver has not been show en yet. they have more to play with on the ps3 and no limit.

Keep that in mind.

I am getting both.

kevin11225419d ago

only thing tho, the first episode comes out in march, and the second comes out a year after gta 4 is released. People will have moved onto different games by the time the extra content comes out, so i dont think its a big deal.