Sony's Profits More Than Double in 2nd Quarter

Sony said Thursday its April-June net profit more than doubled to 66.46 billion yen ($551.5 million) from the previous year, on solid sales of flat-panel TVs and video cameras.

Sony Corp. which makes the PlayStation 3 video-game console and Walkman portable audio player, earned 32.29 billion yen the same period a year earlier.

Quarterly sales jumped 13.3 percent to 1.977 trillion yen ($16.41 billion) from 1.744 trillion yen the previous year.

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soccerstar4101d ago

good for them like i really care

Vojkan4101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

You care enough to get in here and post that comment.

Razzy4101d ago

You were probably in pain when you read "Sony's profits more than double"

novaIS3504101d ago

retard alert!!! (Mr. Garrison voice)

QuackPot4101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

So long as they remain profitable, they'll stick with the gaming industry.

We don't want to lose a quality hardware manufacturer like Sony.


They would make more profits if they turn GameOS into a full operating system or develop another based on Unix or Linux(like Apple's Mac OS X) that can be used on their Playstations AND the PC. Then they would have a cash cow as Microsoft has with Windows.

Exclusives on the Playstation AND the PC with Sony OS just like exclusives on the xbox 360 AND the PC with Microsoft OS(Vista). Hell, yeah. Profits, profits, profits.

WIIIS14101d ago

Tell us when they make profits on PS3.

QuackPot4101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

in 5 years time.

But I'm guessing you don't have the patience to "wait beyond" as I'm sure you expect console manufacturers to make profits from day one let alone in the first 8 months. In your dreams. The industry doesn't work that way.

7 years on. Ps2 still selling well. where's the xbox? profits, profits, profits.

You get the picture? 5 years.....

Kaneda4100d ago

PS3 drives profit for their other products... HD TV, movies (Sony), HD camcorder (Make movie to play on PS3), digital camera, Blu-ray burner (Make movies to play on PS3 or Blu Ray player) etc. Even though they loose money in game division, but PS3 will help their other electronic devices...

peksi4101d ago

I remember some time ago lots of articles from "previous Sony employees" etc "trusted sources" saying that Sone is doomed and about to go bankrupt.

So what do we learn from this? Believe nothing until it's really there. I guess some people (kids) just get a kick out of making up "news".