Sony denies Blu-ray vs HD-DVD format war

Sony Australia has again denied the existence of any significant challenge from the HD-DVD camp in Australia, drawing on GfK data in support of the argument that Blu-ray is dominating over its rival in the high definition disc market.

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Phantom_Lee5420d ago

What Is It Good For.....absolutely nothing

...sorry, can't resist...

beardtm5420d ago

Sony is only dominating software sales, due to PS3 having a built in Blu-Ray player.

Buy HD-DVD is dominating stand alone machines, and has a higher software attach rate than Blu-Ray players.

In the end, it will always be stand alone decks that determine what format wins, not consoles, so with HD-DVD having the far cheaper decks, i wouldn't be so confident if i were Sony, not after looking at the previous format war efforts.

It will be the general public who decide which format wins due to their numbers and they will always choose whatever is the cheapest.

hikikimori5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

Er...actually no your wrong. The ps2 had a MASSIVE impact on peoples acceptance of dvd technology. The ps2 was for millions of people, the first dvd (and probably still the best) player in their homes. It was my 1st and Im guessing also allot of you peoples too.
Same thing may be happening with Blu-Ray, I can't say for sure if it will be a standard for high def data, but its sure looking that way.

tmax5420d ago

Bluray has more studios exclusively supporting it.

That's why it will win.

xbox360migs5420d ago

Loads of releases from FOX recentley...NOT!

THE_JUDGE5419d ago

talking about Australia, now I'm not from there but I do remember reading an article that said the major movie retailers in the country were going to carry Blu-ray exclusively. So thats why they are winning. Also who cares if its a standalone or a combo player or a PS3. They all play Blu-ray and that drives sales. If you make a profit on software you can lower your price on hardware. Blu-ray is winning and the attach rate with go up this fall when more movies are released. You seem to be deny the fact that Blu-ray is winning and just to piss you off I'm going to buy a movie on Blu-ray next week.

cuco335419d ago

please shut your fanboyistic mouth... ps2 did not make a massive impact on dvd like you thought it did. it was marginal at best. dvd format was already striving and reason why sony included playback in their systems as another feature. it was an ok to good player.

sony is not the sole reason why dvd took off. if that were true then they would be praised for it, but the truth is they are bashed for every proprietary format that has failed on them. if bluray fails, and i'm not saying it will, sony should NEVER attempt at creating a standard format ever again.

maybe you think ps1 was reason why CD technology took off as well...

thank you, please try again

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Karebear5420d ago

I now have over 30 blu-ray movies and no plans to buy a stand alone player. The PS3 does it all and will always be updated dynamically in case the copy protection scheme changes. With the wireless remote for it its just really really good at what it does.

FirstknighT5420d ago

I dont care who wins the format war, I just want ONE format so I can start my collection.

Unfortunatly the ps3 does a HORRIBLE job on upconverting standard dvds. So if blu-ray wins the war...I'll be choosing the Samsung 1200 player. HQV technology is a BEAST for standard dvds.

Bathyj5420d ago

80% of hardware, not counting PS3. Over 90% of movies sales. Thats pretty conclusive. Its not a race, its a mauling.

Harvey Norman, JB HIFI, Big W, Target, EB Games all stock BR exclusively. I only know one shop called WOW which is a relatively small franchise (10 stores in QLD and NT)that stocks HDDVD's and they aren't selling. They have no stand alone players and the Xbox HDDVD has sold literally only a few units in the same store since March when it launched.

Correction I just remembered EzyDVD has just started selling BR's and HDDVD's as well, so that 2 stores selling them, but not moving stock.

Seems Australia already knows, what the rest of the world is still figuring out.