Sony AU Managing Director: "We are back in the game"

"We learnt that Australia is embracing full 1080 high definition, in fact we have fallen in love with Bravia. With a population of 20 million we are number three globally and is selling more X series per capita than any other country in the world including the US and Japan.

This is an unprecedented situation and really demonstrates Australia is leading the world in 1080 HD flat panel take-up."

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Maddens Raiders5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

-- "Other: (12 minutes ago)
tv's have nothing to do with games
Reported by: Odion" --

and water has nothing to do with bathing, right Odion?

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Lame: (16 minutes ago)
Also, " learnt "?
Reported by: Icewake

dumba$$ icewake - I didn't write it. Maybe they talk like that down under. If he said g'day I'm not going to write good day, obviously I don't have a politically correct carrot stuck in my a$$ like you. Is that all you find after following in your leader odion the brainmaster?

I'm sure you say some stupid things too, in fact I'm positive so, I tell you what....ignore this because it has absolutely NOTHING to do with you at all and bugger off, yeah? Now beat it!

Lord Anubis5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

learnt is a word. Learned is the same as learnt is old english. People tend to forget that there's a technology section where non gaming news go to. Not everything on this site is labeled news. In case somepeople have missed it there are article, video, images, screenshots, previews, TV, podcast, technology types among other types.

Zhuk5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

not sure what this has to do with gaming (yes I do realize that the current generation of consoles support HDTVs) but there are lots of TVs being sold in Australia apart from Sony TVs (got a Panasonic and BenQ myself) though I do like the Bravia aesthetics but the black Samsungs look the best ^_^

the_bebop5421d ago

I agree with you on that. I have a Samsung myself.

Now if they would lower the price on all there products.

xhi45421d ago

Sony AU Managing Director: “We are back in the game”. They are back in the 'game'. The 'game'. Get it? lol damn im a funni kid. :D

Bathyj5420d ago

Well I just bought an X series Bravia and my main motivation was for PS3 gaming and BR movies so why shouldn't it count as news? How come any positve Sony news not directly related to a game, people try to get the story removed? Just dont read it if you dont care. Its not like there is only so much space to post stories and there going to run out of room.

"The Net is vast, and invinite." - Ghost in the Shell.

Hes right too, they are selling like hotcakes. I had to wait a month for new stock as every store in town was sold out except for display stock.

Dudes you have never seen a sexier picture, trust me. BluRay's, especially animated movies like Ice Age and Open Season look exceptional. And PS3 looks so clean and crisp too through HDMI. Needless to say games with 1080p are an attractive option for me now. Thats why I didn't mind waiting a month to get The Darkness on PS3 instead of just getting the Xbox version. Forgive my gushing, I'm still in the "honeymoon" period and am very happy with my good fortune.

kewlkat0075420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

for it's money with the LCD sets. I know they both made a LCD manufacturing Production deal, to produce the latest "8 generation" models but Samsung's signal Processing hardware is much better. Sony always did rely on third-parties for LCD's, so this deal has helped them but moreso Samsung.

I'm still doing reviews, but from what I have gathered, I leaning toward a Samsung...

Samsung LNT4065F 40" 1080p LCD HDTV

Samsung LNT4665F 46" 1080p LCD HDTV

***************************** ****************************** * ************
Price grabber

Sharp LC-46D62U

Samsung LN-T4661F

Sony KDL-40XBR2

***************************** ****************************** * ************
I read in the Av forum, them Sony's have this back-panel light/clouding issue, I'm staying way from them. In the store ,I looked at all the Models and The Samsungs looked the best to me.

I have a "Black" PSP, DS, Xbox Elite/Black Falcon soon, as well as PS3 will match Samsungs sets perfectly. Plus with the GAME MODE to turn off all those image processing should work well.

Bathy, I remember recommending the Samsung, but hows your Sony so far? Alot of this is still subjective but I will listen to HARDCORE HOME VIDEO FREAKS/GEEKS before anyone.

Maddens Raiders5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

I've been fortunate enough to own a Samasung 50" Plasma, Sony WEGA (blades 2x32" in bdrms) a new Bravia and a 65" Mitsubishi DLP in my living room. Yes, I am a hopeless tech-head junkie, and I can tell you that out of the big screen, the two excellent SONY WEGA blades and the Plasma (which I despise) - the BRAVIA comes throught with colors and clarity so rich it's almost disappointing. Disappointing only because now I'm like - "I bought all of these different brands and I should've stuck with one series - doh!" Well, you live and learn I suppose.

a/w I'm glad some rational tech-people could come here and talk clearly about set-ups and rating without getting berated by a bunch of pre-pubescent teenage girls in the report column. =]

good day gentlemen

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