Mistakes were made with Xbox in Europe, admits Microsoft

Japan wasn't the only region to give the first Xbox a tepid reaction - parts of Europe were similarly hesitant over Microsoft's opening attempt at a home console. This week, Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis has admitted that the company made errors with the Xbox, primarily by paying too much attention to serious gamers, and not enough to broadening the market beyond the hardcore fans.

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Effects Guardian5420d ago

from flaws.

But people learn from their mistakes. :)

Cook1eMan5420d ago

I love companies that can admit there mistakes and hopefully learn from them in the future.

Nuclear Death5420d ago

I guess you also love corporate tycoons that confess in court, only after they've been caught moving shareholders' money in private Suisse banc accounts, huh? You act as if MS woke up one day and said hey we're confessing to our sh*tty manufactured consoles and fixed the world. they got squeezed and put out fires - they didn't confess to anything.

I wasted my hard earned money on my second machine for the last time and will never buy another one again. their garbage in my opinion and not built for the long run. that's the real truth that no one tells.

Cook1eMan5420d ago

Yo dont attack me with your problems. Sorry you waisted your parents money on the system cause you have a lack of responsiblitly to buy your own stuff. Maybe they will just buy you a PS3 so you can move over to the c0ckiest god damn company I've ever seen. Dont worry your the kind of person who belongs with sony. Maybe you'll work for them some day. I'm done with this site, just another thing ruined by sony assholes.

Chava5420d ago

that's just where they want you

actionjackson5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

Are they seriously talking about the first Xbox? Aren't they on round number 2 with a lead? If MS likes to go backwards, can we also talk about how Sega screwed up after Genesis. I miss ecco the dolphin.

the_round_peg5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

This one has been submitted and approved before under a different title.

It's from the EXACT same interview of Chris Lewis, from the EXACT same original source, and it's submitted and approved on the on the EXACT same day:

Dogswithguns5420d ago

I used to love it more than anything. until the 360 cameout.