Sony's E3 07 Lineup Of Games HD Video Montage

This Sony video montage showcases upcoming titles to all Sony platforms. This video is also available for download from the PlayStation store to your PS3.

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timmyp535421d ago

i played this on my ps3 like 10 times=)

drtysouf215421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

it last week couldn't find it then i finally found it and noticed no one had posted it yet. I like the music its very catchy.

Chobits5421d ago

this video was nicely made shows the artistic side ^^ of sony hehe

Dr Pepper5421d ago

That music...for some reason makes the video ten times better. Cool vid.

drtysouf215421d ago

one of my ring tones lol!

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The story is too old to be commented.