First Screenshots of NBA 2K8

Press the jump button to see the newly released NBA 2K8 screenshots from Gamespot. Slam Dunk contest pictures included.

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bootsaf14521d ago

I've never been a big sports player (as far as video games) but i might have to give this a whirl. Looks fun, Im just waiting for the fanboys to comment on the pics being that from a ps3 and not an xbox 360. You watch they'll make it into one of those disputes. lol

Marceles4521d ago

Live will never catch up...

NBA08 and Live can battle it out, but nothing is touching 2K

cityofgod4521d ago

2k is a far superior series than live

lVlemphizStylez4521d ago

I dunno I always preferred live personally though...that's just me

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The story is too old to be commented.