Ten 300 Xbox 360s Given Away at Comic-Con

If you're lucky enough to head down to Comic-Con tomorrow, you'll get a chance to both see a special screening of 300 and enter in a giveaway to win your own 300-inspired Xbox 360. As you can see above, it's matte black-which probably means it's an Elite-and has Frank Miller-styled blood spatter and a profile of King Leonidas. Definitely a great limited edition console.

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Crazyglues4521d ago

That is just one sweet Paint job, I think i'm gonna try it on my 360, wish me luck... LOL

Tsalagi4521d ago (Edited 4521d ago )

They should have used the elite's black HDD instead, but i still like it.

Rockstar4521d ago

That is a sweet paint job/movie.

A little off topic: I'll be buying this movie in HD when it is released. This movie blew me away in theaters.

JustInTlME4520d ago

yep, me too, its gonna be the best looking High Def release of a movie so far. THIS MOVIE WAS MADE FOR HD!!!!!!! I just need to decide if i want the HD-DVD or the blu ray. I will wait and see the reviews from both discs and decide which one looks better, sounds better, etc.

junk564521d ago

so according to statistics, 3 of those lucky winners will return home greeted with the red rings of death

Scrooge4520d ago

You couldn't resist saying that, could you?

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