Devil May Cry 4 Screenshots

Screens include those taken from a cut-scene early in the game, introducing some new characters:

Credo – Kyrie's older brother and the leader of the Magic Sword Cult, an organization that worships Sparda and whose mission is to destroy all demons
Agnus – the Cult's chief researcher, responsible for developing new weapons to defeat demons
Gloria – the only female executive member of the Cult

The cut-scene reveals Dante bursting in on a ceremony conducted by the Magic Sword Cult. Credo and his fellow knights, including Nero, draw their swords ready to kill Dante, who they believe must be a demon.

New gameplay screens include shots of Nero and Dante's confrontation.

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HeartlesskizZ5722d ago

new wallpaper for my ps3 =0

PS360PCROCKS5722d ago

damn this looks so good...

Steve5195722d ago

thats exactly what I was thinking

EDF 20175722d ago

was going to hold this game back, hence the sony droids petition. See the 360 is just as powerful if not more powerful due to the GPU.

Devilbringer5722d ago

why do you say that? because its multiplattform? if this game was exclusive to ps3 they would probaly improve alot on the grahics. but due its multi they dont have time to make diffrent game types