G4 makes Master Chief's True Hollywood Story

Is this video kind of silly and chock-full of groaners? You bet. But there are still some choice moments in G4's True Hollywood Story treatment of everybody's favorite Spartan, especially his Hasselhoffian drunken burger binge.

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Crazyglues5420d ago

Sometimes you have to just laugh... when they did the Hasselhoff drunken re-enactment I was on the floor... Priceless... just priceless

DiLeCtioN5420d ago

Funny video..just about to go bed and i come across this,kept me awake and is gonna make me sleep well and awake for heavenly sword demo tommorow.

"Noo i wont show you my F'n face" haha that was funny... lol cliff b stold halo 3's spotlight with GOW (360)

FeralPhoenix5420d ago

It was called "Destroyed Beauty"

"Last time I ever talk to that f-kin guy." -lol

ichimaru5410d ago

why don't i show you the barrel of my battle rifle!!! lol