Sony wins top prize at Develop Awards

The European arm of software giant and PlayStation 3 maker Sony has picked up the main award at the Develop Industry Excellence Awards, which took place this evening at the Hilton Metropole hotel on the UK's south coast before a crowd of 500 games industry executives. SCEE picked up the Grand Prix award for "capping 12 months which have seen the firm deliver a new hardware format that has inspired developers around the world to make cutting-edge next generation games."

The Develop Awards are focused on UK and European companies and are judged by close to 100 industry experts. This year marked the fifth such show, and was held in conjunction with the currently underway Develop Conference.

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Maddens Raiders5420d ago

a round of ale for my pals please!


macalatus5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

With the PS3 labeled by some as the "Porsche of Hi-Def home entertainment", no surprises here. Thanks for the ale, Maddens! (Burp)
Hey, care for some jager shots? ;-)

Maddens Raiders5420d ago

Jagr and then a round of Tequila shots, what the hell?! =]

actionjackson5420d ago

I have a hangover. After reading you two I remembered a few nights I wished to forget. Jager + Tequila = A long Sunday in bed hoping I never drank the night before. lol.

drtysouf215420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

for Sony more and more as the days go by.

Chava5420d ago

it's definetely the future, not sure about the present tho, hell - 360s don't even have a present or a future

aquaviva715420d ago

The people know that SONY worked long and hard to bring us innovation from the ground up -- this truly impressed many engineers around the world with the CELL processor unlike the competition relying on current run of the mill technology within an ugly looking box that overheats. (You have to admit not only is the technology last gen but did they have to also create the exterior so plain ugly.)

timmyp535420d ago

they have so many quality internal 1st party titles

Expy5420d ago

Quality vs Quantity in every sense of the meaning.

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The story is too old to be commented.