Those that cannot innovate, replicate.

Are you familiar with William Dean Howell's Christmas Every Day? One of my(Thrillhouse17) favorite hobbies, gaming, is starting to look an awful lot like Christmas. And it isn't good.

Pretty much every game falls into one of two categories:

1) The Sequel Addict: They thrive on nostalgia, name recognition, and fear of change. They'll splash on some new paint and hide by new release shelves. Sometimes they'll go so far as implementing shiny new features, but look past the jewelry and you'll find the same old game you spent far too many nights with.
2) The Genre Culprit: These are perhaps the worst of the two. They lie and deceive you into thinking that they're completely different. They'll mesmerize you with a couple new tricks, maybe even throw new modes and features at you. You'll love the novelty, the adventure of treading new territory…but the second you get comfortable the surface strips away, and you'll realize the shocking truth: not only have you, and everyone, been here before, but this is a Sequel Addict in the making.

Just take a look at some upcoming releases:

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