The 12 Worst Game Magazine Covers Ever

Magazines like EGM and Game Informer have been around for so long, and made such well-established names for themselves, that thousands are still willing to shell out $4.95 $5.95 a month to discover what their writers think about video games -- a pretty inconsequential subject, really, in the great scheme of things.

Of course, the flip side is that every magazine has a few skeletons in their closets. Flashy covers devoted to games that wound up becoming the laughingstock of the net forums for years to come. Feature ideas that seemed to work a lot better in the bar after the fifth Black and Tan. Graphic design straight out of Teach Yourself Photoshop in 14 Days. And unlike websites, you can't just delete your past embarrassments -- they're still there today, just as vivid as they were a decade ago. (EGM still gets flak to this day for touting "Streeets of Rage 3" on the cover of a 1994 issue.)

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johnnywit5417d ago

What?? No Fabio EGM cover. I'm disappointed.

ElementX5417d ago

not news, just a stupid opinion. seriously, nobody cares. this isn't "news" to the gaming world.

iceice1235417d ago

Nice relief from the falme bait articles, though.

MyNutsYourChin5417d ago

Not necessarily news for N4G but then again N4G doesn't really have a channel for things like this.

MikeJonesOK5417d ago

that list sucks balls...except maybe pretty there are a lot worst covers out there

LeonSKennedy4Life5417d ago

I understand that RE covers don't sell well, but that was actually a good cover on that last one. I would've picked it up as soon as I saw it.

EGM can suck it!

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