EA: Madden 08 PS3 "Will Not Run At 60fps"

A major recent controversy on the Internet has concerned the frame rate speed of several EA Sports productions; NCAA Football 08 and Madden NFL 08. Initially, we learned these games would only run at 30fps on the PS3 and 60fps on the Xbox 360, but a variety of reports over the past few months have led us to believe the PS3 version of Madden will also run at 60fps.

However, the latest reports all came about from a recent interview with the EA team working on Madden, and the 60fps comment was misquoted. With so many people questioning the actual running speed of the game, we just had to get a once-and-for-all official answer from our EA contact...and we got one today. It was about as clear and straightforward as humanly possible, and it lays all rumors to rest-

"Madden will NOT be at 60 fps on PS3," said EA's Tyrone Miller.

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SmokeyMcBear5420d ago

ah crap, oh well, im still gonna play the game, the controls are much betteron the ps anyways, well actually no, I was still playing madden 07 ps2 version on the ps3 because they moved the goddamn turbo to the right trigger, what the hell was that, total crap. Anyways, madden was always played on ps2's and not xboxs, it was that stupid little black and white button crap, althought the new 360 controller is better for the game, it still has its roots on the ps system, i don't care what espn and madden nation where thinking, guys sucked playing the d-line, amatuers. still, this sucks, but oh well.

TriggerHappy5420d ago

EA needs to make up their mind.. They confirm then deny confirm then deny. wat bull is this ?

Maddens Raiders5420d ago

I thought we already all knew this. I spoke about it not too long ago when grilled that idiot Jerrold at EA when he was answering questions like a teenage gentile in a Roman prison. I'll still play the PS3 version (of course) but look forward to EA [[[possibly]]] making this better next year. Otherwise just more status quo from our unique friends @ EA.

After watching this though, I'm losing a little hope:

jerrell5420d ago

I have always played Madden on PS2 because of the better controls. Who cares about 30fps or 60fps. Your eyes can only see so much. As long as the gameplay is good, then I don't really give a crap. So EA can take their 60fps and stick up their butt and rotate on it!!

InMyOpinion5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

You did'nt complain about that forum post from SonyProtectionGroup about the RSX being one of God's holy balls. I guess this framerate issue has to do with the fact that the RSX is so powerful and superior to the Xenon GPU that the games produced on it look worse. Actually, they look better and run smoother, you just won't be able to see it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5420d ago

My fanboyism aside for a sec, WTF you smokin? How long have you been gaming or are you just trying to cope with this not so great news? 30fps compaired to 60fps is only half the quality, hell you can see the differance on a standard TV.

Maddens Raiders5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

the SPG article was talking about specs of the specific systems - not about EA's cookie cutter deadlines and fiscal limitations. Anyway since you want to come in and make half-assed accuasations toward me, I have no choice but to resort to facts and exactly what I wrote regarding the ripten interview:

============================= ============================== = =====

Maddens Raiders - 24 Jul 2007 19:33


-- "How can a company -
that built it's reputation on being detail oriented, so much so that their slogan "If it's in the game, it's in the game" became their claim to fame, now overlook such things as nets behind goal posts and on field referees for a third year in a row on next gen consoles?

Unacceptable Jerrold. Still big fat pasty white guys on the sidelines with their arms crossed (no offense to anyone here that meets that criteria). No debris, no mediacal staff, no refs on field, no Madden commnets anymore, not even wires and cables and trunks and water boys....

I'm not that concerned with the 60 / 30 FPS thing since 30 fpws is going to be what we're all used to and 360 owners will have the upgrade of faster game speed. Like the old saying you can't miss what you never had. WTF EA WTF? *sigh* ok end of rant
============================= =======================

Well one way to look at it is this way:

!his is the first year that madden is running 60fps on xbox360 yet its the 3rd edition of the game, 2nd edition on PS3 so its more than likely possible to get it into Madden next year.

Where as this is the 2nd year for ncaa on 360 and the first on ps3, I fully expect all next gen versions to be running at 60fps next year.

With all of that said I will rent it first and test the waters. I don't have a 360 and will not buy it for two or three games (Mass Effect, AC6, Madden) @ this point, and AC may go timed but I'm not sure. If all else fails and EA continues to shaft PS3 owners and nex-gen owners in general (when it comes to ALL of Jerrold's LAME A$$ excuses), then I'll just kick back on the Lay-Z-Boy and enjoy all of my NFL and college games on DirectTV where I really know, "It's in the Game."

============================= ============================== = ===

Now if you want to refute that go ahead, but to say that the PS3's power or graphical capabilities are limited based upon EA's latest annual football offering is simply luidicrous. Somehow, though, I think you already knew that. Can't balme you for trying to get over though (including the 4 who agreed with you) - I mean it's not like the 360's reputation and MOJO baby! hasn't taken a hit in the public view lately. Game on. =]


jerrell5419d ago

Ok, first off I am not smokin' anything. And two, yes 60fps is smoother, I can't argue that, but as long as gameplay is good, 30fps is good enough for me. It is a difference, but not enough to get all uptight about it. EA needs to get off their high horse and learn the PS3 cause it is more than capable to do 60pfs. Look at NG Sigma and others that are coming out. Hopefully the xbox 360 will run long enough to see Madden at 60fps. It might kill the! Just kidding!

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power of Green 5420d ago

I had a feeling the rumor of the PS3 version running at 60fps was just damage controll dreamed up by wishful thinkers. I'm getting a good nose for whats fake on this site and the internet in general.

lVlemphizStylez5420d ago

you take pride in such an ability??? hmm it must impress the women I bet..

LeonSKennedy4Life5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

It's nice to know that people still care about Madden.

No matter how many times you get the same game...the same game that's still nowhere close to NFL still play it.

I give a round of applause to anyone that can still play Madden after all these years.

Bravo, ya retards!

darx5419d ago

NFL BLitz...what a gimmick! It couldn't hold Maddens jock! Please bro!

SimmoUK5420d ago

because PS3 is obviously capable of running madden properly, you only have to look at the PS3 exclusives to see that they all look way better than madden, you know that's the truth, this is just EA trying to push the game out on time... Maybe it was 60fps until Peter moore took over lol joking there's no conspiracy here...

Azures5420d ago

Who disagreed? At least come clean, what he's saying is true. Look at Lair, HS, and Rachet and Clank...all games coming out within like 2 months and look a ton better than Madden gfx wise. No excuse EA, no excuse.

boodybandit5420d ago

Without question it has nothing to do with the PS3 hardware and everything to do with lazy developers. Plain and simple.

Daishi5420d ago

It's not lazy, it's just all about the money. Just like last gen, they have a finished game and then they start thinking to themselves "Hm, should we spend more money to get the exact same game running as good as what we already have or should we just shove it into the box and pray?" You'll be seeing a lot of this unless the xb360 disapears which will happen the same month Nintendo stops making handhelds...

Kleptic5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )


I totally agree with you...People make a bid deal out of which multiplatform version is if it is somehow indicative of a systems overall ability...

This is obviously an issue of simply isn't worth it to EA to pay the money to get this game optimized as well on the PS3...I don't blame them...because there are a lot of people, me being one of them, that wouldn't buy this game even if it ran at 120fps...

that is the only significance of info like this...its obvious the 360 is still easier to develop for...and by easier, I mean cheaper...Sony will either work those issues out with free upgrades to their sdk's, or will simply show off what a pot of cash can do with their 1st party lineup...and overall do nothing else...who knows...but companies like EA probably won't take notice to anything they do anyway (Maybe Peter Moore will address this...that would be funny)...they will keep these games stipped down and firing them off to every platform under the sun...

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LSDARBY5420d ago

At least it will have more detail (better graphics)? right?

bung tickler5420d ago

no they will be 99% the same just the 360 is the lead dev platform so the ps3 gets a port and it seems they will only be able to get that running at 30 fps

gunnerforlife5420d ago

i really dont care about madden seing as i live in the UK. but if konami does the same thing with pro then boy theres gone be some definet backlash from fans.

SimmoUK5420d ago

Konami would never do that with Pro, it's konami, this is EA were talking about they've only ever been bothered about making money and 360 is the easy option at the moment...