Philips Announces Six New amBX Agreements

"Game publishers agree to support sound, light, and wind immersive environment system."

Anyone else see some interesting tech for next-gen games?

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MyNutsYourChin4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

This is pretty sweet news...

Imagine playing games where the ambient lighting changes in color, complimenting the games graphics and currently displayed environment (i.e. some survival/horror game where the ambient lighting turns red as your health bar decreases, or an FPS where the ambient lighting is green for a jungle environement, etc.).

Heepspo4130d ago

but I'd be more excited if it were some company other than Philips. They're a little below average in quality, IMO, and are maybe better served making light bulbs. :)

BlackTigea4130d ago

Now that something I like to try out unfortunately, I don"t have a powerful rig nor the money to pay for such system. Once they implant this some game. I just might change my mind about it.All more very cool idea.