If E3 Was Like Highschool

"With all the rumors, backstabbing, parties, and secret hook-ups, E3 is already kind of like High School. But what if E3 really was a High School. I think the social cliques would look a little something like this."

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dc13748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

Just not as good of a production..
I like the concept,.. but IGN should have put more effort into this..way to much generalization.

Note that many of the folk on this board wasn't around to enjoy the greatness of the School House Rocks shorts (70s - very early 80s).

Take this as an invitation to check them out!

Blacktric3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

If E3 was a high school;

Nintendo would be a fat or very skinny but funny and nerdy kid.

Microsoft would be a bully that keeps attacking everyone but gets kicked in the a** in the end.

Sony would be the rightgeous kid who keeps everyone safe from bullies.

Tomdc3748d ago

i think your coming off pretty fan-boyish there blacktric

Blacktric3748d ago

I though everyone who bashes 360 were stupid Sony fanboys 3 days ago. Now I know why they are like their console and Sony so much. My eyes are opened. Call me a fanboy, idiot, biased or whatever you like. I got my 360 for a year now and I bought more than 10 retail games thousands of points and a year of live subscription and I got nothing worthy in return. I got kicked countless times from games I've been playing without doing anything bad. I've paid 50 dollars for a year just to be able to play online but they couldn't even gave me that. Sony came out with PSN+ and now they're giving 4 games every month, Qore, exclusive discounts and a free copy of Little Big Planet with the purchase of 1 year PSN+ subscription. And after reading this you are still thinking I'm biased. Put yourself in my shoes and think again please. Only thing I wanted from Microsoft is to be able to give me what they promised. Nothing more. And they couldn't even do that at E3 this year.

catguykyou3748d ago

I see Sony fanboys sometimes as the rich snobby kids who think they are better than everyone because of all the shiny cool things they have that cost alot. They are often seen telling the nintenkids to get the hot new toy but when they say they cant afford it, the Sony guys say that people should save their allowance to buy it. The nintenkids would be annoying running around all hyper with Haadd. They really only care about having fun, not whats cool. Then you have the Microsofts. They would be the kids that really try really hard to be like the cool rich kids but still friends with all the nintenkids. They do neither exceptionally well but they seem to be the most adept at social networking.

Tomdc3748d ago

i have no problem with good reasons why people prefer a particular console but random stereotyping like this is just pointless and quite obviously wrong

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Immortal3213748d ago

Microsoft fans would be the stuck up cool kids.
Sony fans would be the hypocritical students in between.
Nintendo fans are the freshman.

iceman063748d ago

I see the resemblance to School House Rock. The art style is very similar, I guess. I was around for the original School House well as the attempt to revive it (short lived, but some cool bands were invited). Gotta say that it was infinitely more educational than kid focused television today...except for maybe Sesame Street (which still uses clips from the 60's, 70's, and 80's).

On topic: Why are people so serious about an obvious attempt at satire. Sure, for some it could have missed the mark...but we have to be so anal about our choice of developer or console!?!?

Christopher3748d ago

I take it as a good thing that BioWare are the D&D Dorks :)

Convas3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

... Xbots would've been lynched on Monday after MS's Press Conference.


@Nikkisixx2: You fool. I own an Xbox. It's my only console and I love mine. I'm saying that We (Xbots) would've been beat the crap up in the hallways because certain factions among us trolled all year long about how huge Kinect was going to be.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the first 30% of MS Presser, I was underwhelmed by the selection of games, but thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless. But I tolerated the last 50% up to the Xbox 360 S announcement.

@Midgard: We literally do have ONE new Exclusive game. Perhaps you weren't paying attention. It's called Codename Kingdoms.

midgard2273748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

nooo ur an idiot if u think their confrence was good. u didnt learn about 1 new exclusive, just some crap that they cnt even show a live demo of with out pre-recording.

seriously, if u only own an xbox u shud be sad because the only exclusive games u know r coming are the same ones u knew about a year ago :/

and if im wrong plz, tell me one new game u learned of

nikkisixx23747d ago

I wasn't commenting on whether or not the MS was good, I was just saying your an idiot to your phrase.

hamoor3748d ago

If Microsoft was a high school student then it will be the one who invited everyone to a party and promised that it will be the best and he fails and the party blows......that is how I see Ms in e3 10

Mr_Bun3748d ago

MS would invite everyone to a "Kegger" but only offer O'douls

Christopher3747d ago

I knew anything about alcoholic beverages, I bet I'd find that funny :p

waterboy3748d ago

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY off subject, but i hope Eat Sleep Play makes twisted metal like old times with the codes in the game like napalm and ice and infinite specials and so and so and a ton of weapons and vehicles to unlock

since in this current day games dont have codes anymore

hamoor3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

"Don't have codes anymore"
Yep you're we got paid dlc for what is actually in the game

midgard2273748d ago

nah no more codes, prbly just dlc lol. JK

dunno rockstar still has codes, as does resonance of fate and bayonetta, and tomb raider so u never know :) *note how they are only offline games, online cheats wud be annoying lol

waterboy3748d ago

grand theft auto 4, but ok just as long as its classic

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