PSU: Assassin's Creed Hands On

PSU gets hands on with Assassin's Creed. Here are some of the details included in the read:

- Level Design Details
- A.I. Crowd Interaction Details
- Sound details
- Basic concept of String Animation (10,123 String Animations for Altair.)

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JS1HUNDRED5410d ago

Cmon! Release it. Why do the best looking games always take so long?

tethered5410d ago

Complaining about:
The best looking games, taking so long........

Why do you think they look "the best"?
You think they just look great from the start?

Greatness takes time my friend.

primoproof5410d ago

Did u guys read the article? The author is seriously hating on this game. Ive been pretty excited about this game for a while, but the author points out some serious issues with the game.

Captain Tuttle5410d ago

Of great graphics not being able to carry a flawed game. Weak AI, bad camera...ugh. It doesn't sound very immersive to me. Maybe they can work out the issues before release.
This game just moved firmly into the rental column (if that) for me.

Rims5410d ago

This game sounds like it is seriously underwelming, and I'm glad he cleared up the animation Ubi is talking about is pure BS.

sajj3165410d ago

I'd seriously rethink about releasing this game until the issues have been resolved. If they would like this to be franchise, don't kill it with the first release. Its an aggresive title but I think they stretched themselves by releasing multiformat at the same time.

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