N4G Bubble Update

The new ranking algorithm for the bubble system is now live. As most of you know, there has been a flaw in the system which has let certain people take away other member’s bubbles just because they didn’t agree with their point of view. With the new ranking system in place your “precious bubbles” will be much better protected from the bubble predators. Also all accounts with less than 5 bubbles have now been reset. Those with more than 5 five have been adjusted after the new algorithm.

I can’t give away the details about how the new ranking system works, but the idea is that you shouldn’t so easy lose bubbles from having an unpopular opinion if you express it in a normal/mature way.

The negative feedback vote should only be used on members who

- Use foul language
- Who do personal attacks on other members
- Post in all CAPS
- Make immature posts such as …. Xbox SUX hahahahahha!!!!
- Do not follow the N4G guidelines

So do not give other members negative feedback only because you don’t agree with them. For this use the agree/disagree option or simply reply to their post. Also if you now try to take peoples bubbles away for the wrong reason, your vote will most likely backfire on your own account.

Our intention is not to kill the colourful and lively discussions we have here at N4G, we just want to make the ranking system more fair and harder to abuse.

More updates to come soon…

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r10005417d ago

This is great..... this site is wonderfull....

23478ueyur_9382235417d ago

Nice, really glad to see this finally take effect.

LOL, at first, I thought I just got an insane amount of negative feedback and lost 3 bubbles!