Life During Wartime - Working at Rockstar Games

This is the tale of Jeff, a web producer, who on his personal blog tells the inside story of the average man at Rockstar games, from just after Grand Theft Auto III's launch, to right before the "Hot Coffee" incident. A feature he says the company was well aware of, but due to massive turnover and disregard for the depths some PC gamers will go, Rockstar ended up lying about their knowledge of "Hot Coffee." That lie, along with other Rockstar games, helped create the video game censorship and regulatory issues we face today.

By the end he says Manhunt turned a lot of people off, burnout was high, management was inexperienced and it just fell apart with "Hot Coffee," which he says the company was well aware of the whole time. Rockstar still hasn't found another viable franchise as we all sit and wait for Grand Theft Auto IV. A good read to understand the average man's experience at a company, away from the suits and the PR spin.

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MyNutsYourChin5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

The author provides a slightly detailed documentary of the events and jobs he had at R*. The author seems to take an unbiased and narrative approach to describing his time with the company. It almost reads like a fictional novel and sometimes seemingly non-fictional.

In light of the Take2 accounting fraud, after hearing this, it totally makes sense. A lot of what he has described confirms and solidifies my assumptions and rampant (negative) rumors I've heard about R* and Take2.

It seems their company name (R*) is fitting to their company persona and ethics. I almost pity them, not. I wonder if any of this is true. Personally, whether it's true or not I think when R* and/or Take2 get ahold of this, they're going to take some sort of action.

cloud3605420d ago

i don't really like gta games, they have crap graphics, i hardly do any missions. only reason i bought gta:san and.. was coz my friend got it. and they got it coz they like messin about going around killing people and doing the tank cheat. other than that i did 4 missions in gta san... before i got bored

well this wans gonna be a pass i guess....

LeShin5420d ago

Very good read. I actually liked Red Dead Revolver and Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition is one of my favourite racing games. One thing I think make R* games stand out in the crowd is the humour which simply isn't in many other games. Let's hope they sort out their staff any the controversies surrounding the company.

XENOCIDE5419d ago

Great read so far. I haven't finished but I had to comment on the Vice City site, I didn't even know it was still up. I LOVED that site, it was, and still is, the best game (specific) web site around.