Nintendo Hates America? Is it true?

In a new article at Kotaku, they have sorted through a new interview with Reggie Fils-Aime, in which it is noted that Nintendo, apparently, hates America. The information is based on many different speculations, but the interview is there. Listen for yourself!

Is this the only time the United States will be shunned in the gaming world?

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D_U_I5417d ago

Right - wrong

Tsalagi5417d ago

Until we cut off the food/money supply. Then they want to be our bestest friends.

Ludwig5417d ago

Erm, actualy.. "America" is a continent .. and the United States of America buys most of its food from other countries .. and most of its industry is located OUTSIDE the country .. as in .. most of his money..

MyNutsYourChin5417d ago

That's what I tried to tell them but look at my "Disagrees".

cuco335416d ago

1 - right
1.1 - you couldn't be further from the truth. we depend so much on imports that if the world decided to close their doors to us we would crumble. actual there is one country that could easily crush our economy since we love to export all our resources and work overseas.. it's called china.

everyone hates america. and when u say america, everyone understands it as the USA

Maddens Raiders5416d ago

You have absolutely no IDEA what the hell your talking about and the person agreeing with you is as gullible as a newborn fawn. Totally clueless. Pick up a book not written by some bleeding heart, pro - "one world village" - America hater and learn before you type.

America - Home of the mostly Free, Land of the truly Brave. And yes we will kick your Ass. =]

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MyNutsYourChin5417d ago (Edited 5416d ago )

It's not America everyone hates, it's the United States. The US tends to be a bit arrogant in its business and politics but I should the majority of people here in the states also despise their very own government. So don't go blowing us up just yet. Let us try to fix our problems first.

@ SmokeyMcBlunt: I see you actually learned nothing in geography class. Your name makes total sense to me now.

SmokeyMcBear5417d ago (Edited 5417d ago )

nope sorry dude, you are wrong, it general public reference, america refers to the united states, hence the term americans, not united statesicans. If you want to get technical, the continent of NORTH america also contains canada and mexico, there is also a continent called SOUTH america which has numerous countries, also the group of countries labeled as CENTRAL america has its own, although it can be considered part of south america, except in futbol tournaments. So in summation, the term AMERICA is generally used to reference the united states, if you want to get technical , please use the correct moniker as north, central or south america... that concludes todays geography lesson.

hahaha, a disagree... alright kids, an education is a good thing, pay attention in class and you might learn a thing or two.

Ludwig5417d ago

Oh, don't worry, generaly we don't use "Americans" we use "Bas****" or "White Demons" .. (JK! XD)

360Crusader5416d ago (Edited 5416d ago )

Yeah well as being the last remaining Super Power everyone going to be critical with us. And we may buy alot of imports cause its cheaper. We have the means to support our selves if necessary. And what country doesn't buy imports? And the guy said we would crumble? We dont need China and their cheap goods that are gonna kill us! Its too bad the rich are such cheap as***.
And Ludwig watch your mouth you human garbage. And what do you mean white demons there is every kind of race, you can think of living in the US idiot.

aiphanes5417d ago

We know we are the best nation on the earth!

ChickeyCantor5417d ago

this is why i hate most of you, thinking that you are superior.

Dr Pepper5417d ago

@ sidar

You shouldn't hate most of us. I hardly know anyone that thinks like that, at least in the city where I live (sometimes it depends on the area of the US).

360Crusader5416d ago

Dont bother Dr pepper they arent worth it. They are the ones that think their better then us.
Their allowed to insult us and were supposed to say nothing, not this yankee.

Rhezin5417d ago

agreed 100% Taslagi, soooo true.

Lex_Yayo_4075417d ago

You hate me, im gonna hate you. PERIOD!!!

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