XNA boss: We've got Web 2.0, we need Games 3.0

Microsoft's Chris Satchell believes that user-generated content is just the start, but games won't really become mainstream until, like movies, any old nobody can easily make one.

Satchell likened the evolution of the industry to that of the Internet, which is now popularly said to be "Web 2.0." According to Satchell, Web 0.5 represented the first beginnings of the Internet by a select group of academia and technology companies, and 1.0 as similar to television, where a small amount of people make content for the masses to passively read. Web 2.0 then, is sites like YouTube and Flickr, where the users themselves create the content, and anyone can participate, and 3.0 -- which might be what it looks like in the future -- he envisages as going a stage further, with the masses perhaps combining Web sites to create not only user-generated content, but unique ways of accessing that content, too.

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