PS.Blog: Lair Dev is Complete, Aug 14 Release Set plus new Image

Ryan Hamlyn, Associate Producer of SCEA posts on official Playstation blog:
Given all the content and interest here on Liar, I figured you guys would also be interested to hear that the North American version of Lair has completed its development and is now in manufacturing! That means that we are on track for our August 14 release date. It goes without saying that we're eager to get this out to those of you that have been waiting so patiently (or not!) for it to arrive. Considering the new PS3 price and now Lair, hopefully there's even more of a reason to scoop up a PS3 if you haven't already!

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Siesser5421d ago

"This story is already being submitted by MK_Red"

Darn you!! Don't you already have enought points down there :P

Seriously though, happy to see that they're ready to roll it out of the factory. Means they have time to get that demo out there. Can't wait for August!

aiphanes5421d ago

I have been waiting since PS3 release day for this game!

okcomputer5421d ago

lol @ this comment getting a disagree. All he said is that he was waiting since the ps3 launch to pick up lair. Whats is there to disagree with?

Adamalicious5421d ago

Maybe they haven't been waiting since launch?

TheExecutive5421d ago

thats great to hear... we should be seeing some quality reviews here soon. Personally, I cant wait for this game, I think it will be great.

achira5421d ago

thats nice to hear, i will import it from the usa.

Syko5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

I thought this got pushed back to the holiday a couple of weeks ago? Or was that for other than North America? Interested to see if it lives up to the hype or fizzles like NG Sigma seem to.

Edit @Shiro.
It was just weird, after it was released no one was praising it or going around with the ZOMG!?! fanboy type hype. It sold well just got quiet after release. That's all I meant.

I know it's hard I almost broke my Xbox controller a million times playing that F'ing game! (See above for what I meant)

Azures5421d ago

NG Sigma fizzled? Lol.

blusoops5421d ago

NG Sigma is BAD A$$! I still haven't beat it cause it's so dam hard! How did it fizzle?

razer5421d ago

fizzled in sales.. not even 1/2 million copies sold..

The game is bad-ass! I loved the original NG and this one is a nice step up from the original.. NG 2 should get a proper announcement at TGS.

MACHone5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

Fizzled? Fo'rizzle? It may not of sold a lot of copies, but I sure as heck picked it up on day one. In my book, selling even a SINGLE copy of a game that's pretty much the third iteration of a game that came out years ago is a success. But I digress.... In all seriousness, Lair looks amazing, and with an excellent review already from Play magazine, the skies look bright for PS3-owners. Bright, dragon-filled skies.

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