SEGA will make a new console

Although not a secret that SEGA has long working on their LINDBERGH / RINGEDGE project today revealed that they have officially signed an agreement with Imagination Technologies of the United Kingdom, which will begin work on "very high-tech image of the console Next Generation.

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RedPawn4233d ago

Sega your ass is on a role, but slow down and think about what type of octagon your jumping in. If True.

But I still love you HANG ON/SAFARI HUNT.

qface644233d ago

like i said before SEGA doesn't have the mulah$$ to re-enter the console market
why people can't seem to understand that i really just don't get

i think they should re-enter the console market just to show everyone how this would possibly bankrupt them if they tried

RedPawn4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

I'm not worrying about SEGA's finances, just reliving some great youthful days.

zireno4233d ago

I agree, they are risking too much if this is true, but also I don't think many people would get on board with a 4th console, having the current 3 consoles is way more than enough gaming at least for me, and even with 3 there's always a console just gathering dust. If they really are getting into the console market again I wish them the best because love it or hate it, SEGA has done amazing things for the gaming world but it's gonna be extremely difficult to compete with Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

Conloles4233d ago

Lol wut as if Sega has enough money for this.

DaTruth4233d ago

Maybe they could re-enter the console market... if it weren't so over saturated with bigger players and well known brands!

This is like the first gen where all players could prosper and I doubt it will hold true next gen!

cpuchess4232d ago

How would we know if they have the money or not?

N4g_null4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

Hmmm sega's console side doesn't yet the arcade side may be ok. Another thing is this, what if ms backed them sure it would be going against the xbox but here is the kicker, ms doesn't want to make a new xbox and the sega box could be compatiable with it.

This is what people in the arcade side of the biz is thinking........

Type-2X runs all the major arcade games out. It is a pc running xp with a core duo in it and an ati card some have nvidias.

The platform would compete with this. We done really work in the arcade sector yet capcom USA should know about this.

Another thing is there are really only two console out the sd one and the hd upscaled ones. The pc doesn't count to most console gamers yet another pc grab tech wise would give us true hd consoles more ram better gpus etc.

Also sega is needed badly, the hd consoles out are not very inspiring tech wise.
They are way to similar to pc tech no real edge. Maybe it's time for them to come back. It really does seem like they've been holding back too.

dabri54232d ago

They don't have the first party titles to back a system anymore.

morganfell4232d ago

How do we know? Their financial status is a matter of public record reported quarterly. They will have to obtain some major financial partners. NOT GAME PUBLISHERS WILLING TO SUPPORT THEM, but financial partners willing to invest hundreds of millions, even a billion dollars for this venture. Yeah, with Sega's recent record a lot of companies are propbably waiting to jump on that deal. A lot of companies that are tired of being successful.

Why make a new console? So ass games now have exclusivity? Hey wait, that might be a good idea. It will make them easier to avoid.

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vhero4233d ago

I honestly think this is for something else rather than a new console like a dreamcast mini. What I mean by that is you seen the mini mega drives/genesis about for £20 in shops which have like 20 games built in. You plug into your TV and play. I reckon they are thinking of releasing a DC version or maybe Saturn.

nveenio4232d ago

That could be true. They could be talking about the next generation of "pocket-change" consoles. They could also be adapting some of the old 8/16-bit games to motion control and selling a "new" console with that feature. There's already a couple of crap versions of that sort of thing out there somewhere.

McMee4233d ago

i miss the ol chime seegaa

Kurt Russell4233d ago

Get in SEGA!

I like the fact people say they don't have the finance... You forget they it's about the games over tech for some of us. Nintendo proved that with their gamecube motion control...


fossilfern4232d ago

Hmmm seems abit strange adding all the Dreamcast games to the PSN and XBLA if they are gonna make a new console. But i suppose if it helps them get the money im all up for Sega coming back into the race :D

Alcon Caper4232d ago

I wonder how much money they can cut off their overhead with a console based purely on digitally distributed content? I mean, how much money does OnLive have? I'm sure Sega has more...

cyborg69714232d ago

Why can't these sega fanbois get over it? I did and it was easy because they had so much crap out at one time who could keep up with it. And as a DC lover it sucked to see it go but it did now move on. Some peeps act like the love of their life has died.

PCnPS3Gamer4226d ago

personally id rather sega instead of ms. before i die i want to see ms bow down to sony and nintendo...see the xbox fan tards try to spin it somehow .then sega replace them now thats a name that brings back memories. i wanna see sega vs sony round has all ready ran away to fight nintendo... sega mise well replace ms .....seem like a good idea.....personally i do not want 4 consoles so one of them has to leave.

with 3 the fanboy wars are bad enough and multiplat scandle add sega to that mix would be like throwing gasaline on a fire.....lets take some wood of the fire then throw some gas on it.....

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Tony-A4233d ago

Then why would they bother releasing Dreamcast games on the competition?

Duke Spookem4233d ago

Because their console would come out next gen and releasing Dreamcast games to the competition this gen could bring in newcomers and get people interested in the newest Sega console where Sega's games would be exclusive.

birchoff4233d ago

So true. They're fishing for future fans already. :) Hope they'll make it, cuz I'd really love a new SEGA-console. :)

TheLeprachaun4233d ago

It also means they'll have more monies to help with development/advertising etc...

RealityCheck4233d ago

Just an idea, what if Sega had a partner? What if Sega was comissioned by Microsoft to make the next gen console so that Microsoft doesn't have to worry about the hardware this time around? It would allow Microsoft to have a better chance in Japan given the Sega angle, it would automatically guarantee Sega exclusives to Microsoft, it would give Sega the financial backing and unlimited marketing\advertising from Microsoft.

R2D24232d ago

Its sounds good on paper but MS would rather die than to sleep with Sega.

Ether4233d ago

Oh, great. You know what this means- yet another class of fanboys.

The Wood4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

If this console is for next gen it will definitely spice things up.. Sega still have the rights to more franchises than MS do, maybe even sony though i doubt it. Not sure whether its a good or bad thing at the moment tbh

stb4233d ago

Your argument was great, until you mentioned sony, more what? tittles...LOL

N4g_null4232d ago

Lol stb sega made atari games why wouldn't they have more ip. I mean really I would love For their old arcade games to come back.

We will see but what if evil ms bought them lol.

adamx4233d ago

I wish this were true, but sadly sega can not compete with sony,micro or nintendo

Projekt7tuning4232d ago

If its true, well I still have love for Sega and I guess i will have to buy it too.