Metal Gear Solid 4 Real-time Demo Reactions

GameSpy's editors scrape up their jaws and weigh in on today's MGS4 video demonstration.

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JIN KAZAMA4525d ago

but after watched the demo in HD on, I can say that this game is unbelievable. Its AMAZING what the PS3 can do. Awesome Job Sony and Kojima-san. *bows*

Marceles4525d ago

Yeah I watched it on HD on my computer and it was already awesome, but then I downloaded the gameplay from the Japan PS nose was glued to the monitor (except for all the crotch-grabbing parts and when he was humping the floor while sneaking up behind the one soldier). I really can't wait to play this, if they release a demo in the next few months I'm locking myself up in my house.

HowarthsNJ4525d ago

There's a bit of this in almost all the MG games. It borders on goofy-disturbing IMO.

Have any game sites examined this?

Other than that it looks great.

Machety4525d ago

This Game is going to rock the PS3 along the FFXIII and Killzone 2. Anyway I really do beleive that this game had to be an exclusive so that it would be easier to make it the best that it can be.

hazeblaze4525d ago

The game looks so good my monitor had multiple orgasms while playing the vid! I'm a multiplat gamer... but no other system or game is even remotely important to me anymore... I MUST have this game!

RunamukK4525d ago

I have a Jap account but could not find it. Where is it exactly? anyone know?

hazeblaze4525d ago

For whatever reason it's not on the front page, you have to go to the videos section (last tab if I remember correctly).

power of Green 4525d ago

Is the WoW factor from this game being a great looking MG game or am i missing something?. The game looks "pretty" dam good although the three colors suck ass but i'm not feeling the hype. SCDA still blows it out of the water(charactor models don't even compare MGS4 looks like DOA4, hair and skin etc)it probably has more flexible gameplay than SCDA though.

computer4525d ago

Seriously, you need to stop. You comment on every single bit of MGS4 news just to bash it and get everyone aggravated by your fanboy comments. Take my advice and get off this site, and never come back.

hazeblaze4525d ago

Do you remember it hurting when you were dropped on your head as a child? Splinter Cell can't even pee in the same pool as MGS4... graphically or gameplay wise. Textures, colors, character models... everything about this game looked head & shoulders above anything we've seen so far.

StateofMind4525d ago

Splinter Cell Conviction is a stealth based game, Metal Gear Solid 4 is a stealth based game. That's about where the comparisons end.

It's like trying to compare a nasty pea to an apple that was genetically engineered to be the best apple known to man.

DJ4525d ago (Edited 4525d ago )

Haze, you better copyright that sentence, 'cause that was classic!

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The story is too old to be commented.