PSInsider: Why Sony's Conference was Disappointing writes: With significant portions of the Sony conference dedicated to 3D gaming (that few can afford), the new Move controller (that few core gamers "need"), it's too-expensive sub-controller (The Navigator), and the aging/out-classed-by-the-3DS PSP, there was little for Sony fans to latch onto as "the moment" this year.

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Hallmark Moment3050d ago

The only thing I liked at Sony's event was the Move wizard game.

ClownBelt3050d ago

Yeah that was pretty cool

nix3050d ago

i expected too much... so for me it was a bit of "meh".

GDC, i guess. for FFVsXIII and other games.

*checks calendar*

juniordee3050d ago


I know your a troll, I know your not serious, but you made me laugh. Good job. You put a smile on my face :)

Rumor3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

he has 2 bubbles ahhaa how'd that happen...who actually bubbled you up? lol

juniordee3050d ago

It's cause he made a new account today. Added an s to ring (rings).

N4G king3050d ago

it was far from Disappointing
this site is looking for hits

evrfighter3050d ago

thinking about it now. Twisted Metal is the only game coming from Sony I actually want

Wii has both DKC and Zelda...well and the 3DS

M$ has a whole lotta nothing.

Even though I'll be dreaming of Twisted Metal again. Nintendo took this one easy.

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Close_Second3050d ago

...thought Heros on the Move looked promising.

My only disappointment was no PSP price reduction announcement giving the PSP2 is nowhere to be seen.

FarEastOrient3050d ago

Price reductions and new hardware are usually announced at gamers con when it comes to Playstation products. Gamers Con (I think Liepzieg this year) is closer to the holiday season, so if they make any price announcements or hardware changes it is just in time for the holidays and TGS.

Tokyo Gaming Show is when they usually cover a great deal on Jan to May products.

CryWolf3050d ago

I was disappoint about PSP2 to and I was hoping Mass Effect would be on PS3 also, why did Sony half to have a PSN plus Subscription for, PSN is suppose to be free they should have wait it for Playstation 4 to put a subscription fee on PS3.

ravinash3050d ago

Relax Crywolf...
PSN is still free, you can still play free on line.

PSN+ Its just added features.

R0me3050d ago

The name is Gamescom and it is located at Cologne Germany.
And yes they will probably make an announcement there.

18.08.2010 the Gamescom will start.

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deadreckoning6663050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

I wuldn't use the word dissapointing..more like overhyped. Like, I wanted to see Agent..and I was also expecting them to make Batman: AA 2 a timed exclusive. Its not Sony's fault, I just think Sony fans like me wanted alot since they are extremely dedicated to the brand.

@blazblue- Idk, if ur comment is directed towards me or not, but I'm done with that hating crap. Actually, I thought the first hour and 20 minutes of the conference was dissapointing since it revolved around 3D, PSP, and Move...three things I honestly could give a rats ass about.

The last 40 minutes however was very good IMO for hardcore. The problem I had personally was that I've never played Twisted Metal or Portal so idk what the fuss was about. In fact, the only PS3 exclusive I'm interested in right now is Infamous 2. Ghost Recon: FS is STILL game of show IMHO(Metal of Honor is close second).

So in a way, the conference WAS dissapointing for me personally, but for hardcore gamers in general it was great. Also, Sony divided their time very well between the casual and hardcore.

Oh and FYI, as a conference, I thought Nintendo had the best. The pacing was excellent and the support for the 3DS is outrageous!

blazBlue3050d ago

And you're the same one always complaining about PS3 fans trolling articles? How about you take your own advice and quit trolling?

dangert123050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

What i found disapointing is that they leaked killzone 3 and lbp 2 to give them a huge spot in the conference and every bit off info from there confrence was out before e3 except the wizard game
and the 'content' deals with publishers man i love blu ray lol

wooo did kevin butler make me laugh with his epic speech and music playing...he never forgets the lemons O_o LOL

sixaxis3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

you guys clearly missed the part when Gabe Newell stepped onto stage during sonys conference. And announced first ever console version of steam to PS3, yes thats right, not for 360 at this point. but one of the MS fanbase idol announced it to ps3!!!

also twisted metal and Kz3 jetpack was awesome. Ps premium is incredible

dazreah3050d ago

You have got it wrong Steam is not coming to the ps3 but Steamworks they are not the same.

halojunkie3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

sony had the best e3.

i smell jealousy.

blazBlue3050d ago

I wasn't referring to you deadreckoning. I'm talking about Hallmark Moment.

AAACE53050d ago

Yeah, I liked the Wizard game too. Made the Move tech come alive. They also showed alot of good games as well. I didn't get to watch the rest of the show yet cause I had to leave, but I thought it was pretty dam good. Only thing I don't know if they did was redesign the Psp!

Omegasyde3050d ago

Sony should just announce everything now in June in the USA, and have nothing for future events. Screw the Europeans(Game-con) and the Asians (tokyo game show), who needs them?

Why would anyone show all of their cards at one event?

If anything Sony finally put a damn release date for Man Furismo Jive (11-2-10) which was awesome. They also release a ton of information pre-e3, but it doesn't count because it wasn't in the event?. Nintendo gets a free ride because expectations were so low? or Donkey Kong country 11? O wait another handheld! Really Surprised there, can't wait for the 3dsii in 2011 and the 3dsii-lite in 2012.

Shoot, you know Nintendo probably has schematics for the 3ds Balance board. Coming Spring 2011.

Nike3050d ago

Long story short, it wasn't disappointing. Sony and Nintendo carried this year's E3 when MS/Kinect nearly sank it.

PLAYstar3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

That's what Sony gets all the time, the media is in serious need of a slap in the face. Did we hear any complains about how pathetic M$ conference was? No article, not even a word. Yet Sony which showcase the best of games get criticize with disappointment.

- KillZone3 looks to Killzowned 2011
- MOVE was shown working astonishing
- The Sorcery is the clear winner of motion sensing game
- "Kevin Butler" you have to love the man!
- GT5 finally got its release date and it's coming out this year with 3D integration
- LBP2 set for another year of dominance
- Socom4 , RE5 , Dead Space2 , MOH gets MOVE integration
- Portal 2 is coming to SONY, that say VALVE is on SONY
- inFamous2 is shaping up nicely

And we still can't get enough?

There might not be a PSP2 announcement made, but the line-up of games surpasses what 3DS had to offer. If you haven notice, 3DS games release are those we played on PS/PS2 already.. Those are ports into 3D. Its cool, but certainly not as cool as new announcement.

Clear winner titles
God of War: Ghost of Sparta
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

tinybigman3050d ago

about sony presser because they had the games that i love. they showed that the move actually works for hardcore games and not just shovelware.

nintendo only had 3 games that i love from their presser in zelda, epic mickey, and metroid other m. i was never a kirby, donkey kong fan so i wasnt really excited about those. the new handheld was ok but i think ill keep my dsi because i dont play either it or my psp that much.

for me it goes in this order


Syronicus3050d ago

The article lost me at the Dave jaffe part. Sorry but seeing the twisted metal made the hairs on my neck stand up. It is a ps defigning franchise and if you don't think it was a megaton then you should not be in gaming journalism.

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Tony-A3050d ago

It was disappointing for you because they didn't show you exactly what you wanted to see. I'm sorry to hear that.

I got 90% out of what I wanted and that includes:

~A GT5 release date
~The Move to impress me
~Portal 2
~inFamous 2 release date (although general)
~Killzone 3 release window
~Kevin Butler
~Great-looking games

Among other things. I was satisfied with the performance, much like I was with Nintendo's. E3 ends the 17th. Sony's conference ended the afternoon of the 15th and we're still getting new info even now.

There were disappointments, but it was not disappointing.

CreativeWriter3050d ago

...seems to be the general sentiment among those I've talked to at the show, but everyone is entitled to an opinion. These are things I suspect most of us were expecting. Their exclusion, especially in the case of games like TLG, Res3, Agent, etc is a bit baffling.

Coded-Dude3050d ago

I agree most of what they showed we knew would show.....there were only one or two surprises, but I was disappointed by the lack of games i was anticipating.

pimpmaster3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

as insane as it sounds , i really think nintendo won this E3. they had game after game, and not to mention the 3ds which has better graphics than a psp AND is in 3d also. i never bought a ds but the 3ds .. i dunno i feel like getting one lol.

sony did have a good confrence though, MS was the one i was most exited for and ended up being the worst.

FarEastOrient3050d ago

It's not baffling when you consider that Sony's conference is allocated only 3 hours.

There is too many games to live demo or even put a trailer on.

They even left out Starhawk and others...

D3adcell3050d ago

They had plenty of time to show more games if they didn't spend so much time showing psp commercials and videos of games we have already seen. The kevin butler thing was also just a filler they could have used to show another game.

danielle0073050d ago

The people want Kevin Butler.

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stonecold13050d ago

won the e3 not sure for m$ thought nintendo 2 nd place

Coded-Dude3050d ago

its sad but that was the best part. and the part i looked forward to the most.

CreativeWriter3050d ago

Really enjoyed the KB actor. His writer(s) understand our generation's humor very well. I'm amazed they've been able to keep that ad campaign interesting this long. Most of these things fizzle in a month or two, but he just keeps going.