China Joyful Over PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment will be making its big PS3 splash at the Tokyo Game Show in late September, but first came the pre-game show, an appearance at China Joy in Shanghai. The PS3 went on display at China's largest game show, and based off various accounts, was quite the hit, with gamers lining up to get a glimpse at the system.

Alas, a glimpse was all they got. PS3 software was on display in video form only, with Sony resurrecting its PS3 Theater with a digest version of the footage shown at E3. The company also had PS3 hardware in glass cases, but no playable games. Still, a lengthy line formed around the SCE Asia booth.

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Silent5399d ago

PS3 is taking over one continent/country at a time.

Fat Onion5398d ago

I wonder if they fed them the same CGI crap.

THAMMER15399d ago

I can not belive they did not show any real game play. They just played China like they tried to play the U.S. This is sad man real sad. A sheltered Contry like China and you just fool them with CG footage. I bet all the fan boys who do not read the whole article wil think Sony just is the Bomb. This is so fony.

THAMMER15399d ago

Can you tell me what you think about this? I really want to know. I think Sony knows the reaction in the U.S. So they have chosen use their knowledge of our reactions to the lame game play and the reaction to the CG footage to their advantage. Because you know that when the trailers that were shown there are far better than the actual game play footage. I just know that this is an injustice to the game community.

SDS Overfiend5399d ago

"but no playable games. Still, a lengthy line formed around the SCE Asia booth"
I Rest my case.

JIN KAZAMA5399d ago

it does say with footage shown at E3, i am thinking its this years E3, where they showed actual gameplay. you cant tell me that motorstorm isnt getting close to the target video. I would say its about 80% of the trailer. By the time its finished, i think it will be around 90 to 95%. But the game right now looks awesome. Just wait till TGS man, PS3 is gonna shine brighter

joemutt5399d ago

"Just wait till TGS man" -Jin

"Just wait till E3 '06 man"

"Just wait till Spring 06 launch man"

"Just wait till November launch man"

You are the one that will be waiting, thats what you do, the only waiting I did was 4 hours at walmart.

I waited 4 hours, how laong have you waited.

I dont like waiting. Do you? man

SDS Overfiend5399d ago

No not at all brother motor storm look exactly like that in 2005 at E3 05'