Kid Icarus Uprising 3DS Screens

Kid Icarus is finally making a comeback after over twenty years of being absent from console gaming. Coming to the 3DS and sporting some amazing visuals for a handheld, Kid Icarus is looking to take a page from Sin and Punishment in style gameplay action, Kid Icarus is looking to be a great handheld game that should be a launch title for the new Nintendo handheld later this year -- if we are lucky.

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MattyF3044d ago

The use of the Brawl Pit model was a great idea here.

VegaShinra3044d ago

Launch pleeze. Looks amazing!

MxShade3044d ago

Really looks great, should be a great launch title. Hope there will be a bundle option for the 3DS with this.

MattyF3044d ago

If they could bundle this for $200 it would be awesome. That would be a great pack-in game. Although you have to figure they'll some kind of demo pack to show the 3D off more.

smash-brother-103044d ago

Yeah I was thinking that, surely they will have a game/demo that bundles with the hardware, for DS they had a demo of Metroid prime hunters and for wii they had wii sports and that proved to be a good bit of business because a lot of people bought a wii because it already came with a full game and showed off the motion control

Queasy3044d ago

Well, I guess a 20 year wait was worth it!

prodg523044d ago

Yeah! kid icarus was one of my favorite nes games even though it was pretty hard and seemed like it would never end. Hope the 3ds price is reasonable.

StixRemix3044d ago

Wow, Nintendo sure knows how to impress.

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