Microsoft PR Team about June 2007 Monthly NPD Report

This Monday, Games Critics awarded Xbox 360 38 nominations for the 2007 Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 - 17 more than last year - compared to 29 for Playstation 3 and 14 for Wii. This makes Xbox 360 the most nominated platform with 38 nominations overall. Microsoft Game Studios also tallied an impressive number of nominations with eight in total. As Microsoft said at E3, this business is all about the games, and this is yet further proof that Xbox 360 has the best lineup, hands down.

Their lead in worldwide install base continues to grow, with more than 11.6 million Xbox 360 consoles sold across 37 countries, the largest install base of any next-gen console. This June 2007, they sold 197K Xbox 360 consoles - 40,000 units more than they sold last month.

According to NPD, three of the top 10 games in June were Xbox 360 games or exclusives, including "Forza Motorsport 2" (MGS), "Guitar Hero II" (Activision) and "The Darkness" (2K Games). This marks 22 appearances for third-party titles on Xbox 360 to break the monthly top 10 best-selling games list in the past 9 months. Third party games continue to thrive with half of all retail spending taking place on Xbox 360.

Month over month, consumers' commitment to Xbox 360 continues, with record-breaking attach rates of 6.1 games and 3.2 accessories sold per console. Since launch, they've sold 20.1 million games, more than their next-gen competitors combined.

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texism5421d ago

That's cool, but why is this in the wii section?

power of Green 5421d ago

Wii has a section?. J/K. {E3?)

AnDy FrOm MiAmi5421d ago

I want to see the july 2007 npd report.

dale15421d ago

pr team didn,t mention japan and europe

Blood_Spiller5421d ago

I'm not quite sure how one calculates the attach rate of a console but with 11.6 million consoles sold and a reported 6.1 attach rate shouldn't there be more than only 20.1 million games sold?

Xeoset5421d ago

Since the Launch of the PS3 and Wii, not since the 360 launch.

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The story is too old to be commented.