Portal 2 gameplay videos show GLaDOS is still not happy with us

Hey, remember that time we blew GLaDOS up? She does, and in the show floor E3 gameplay demo of Portal 2 she isn’t afraid to remind us.

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Chuk53074d ago

I'm glad everyone, except wii, can play this awesome game. I love portal and hope there is no delay again. I feel that portal is a spiritual successor to mario 64 in terms of originality and cannot wait for portal 2.

N4GAddict3074d ago

Portal 2 is going to be awesome

Conloles3074d ago

Curse you valve why no conference :(

beardpapa3074d ago

Wow that was running off ps3 and not a pc


Move Controller por Portal 2 maybe?

Chuk53074d ago

Apparently they are not supporting move. But for a complex game like portal, they really shouldn't.

Pandamobile3074d ago

My god that looks absolutely awesome. I can't wait to co-op Portal :D

Eamon3074d ago

"We're a lot alike you and I. I tested you, you tested me. You killed me and I- Well I guess I havent killed you yet. Well food for thought during the next test."

CANNOT FLIPPING WAIT. And what the hell was the british core thingamajig. ROFL. I think I recognise the voice actor...

Hazmat133073d ago

will they have a map editor? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

hoops3074d ago

This game is gonna kick some serious ass

Immortal Kaim3074d ago

So glad everyone gets to play Portal 2. Portal was one of the greatest games ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.