E3: Screens From New PSN Title "Eat Them!"

No further info is out at this time. But it looks like a 3D "Rampage".

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Cajun Chicken3142d ago

Oh wow! I can't deny how playful this looks!

Godmars2903142d ago

And it probably doesn't have a multiplayer/versus option which would make it killer.

nnotdead3142d ago

the art looks cool. can't say much more than that

ThanatosDMC3142d ago

Looks interesting. I hope it's less than $10!

Figboy3142d ago

when i saw these screens, i immediately thought "Cell Shaded War of the Monsters" which was one of the unsung gems of the PS2 era.

i still own War of the Monsters, and it was incredibly fun. it had a 1950's sci fi movie aesthetic, with monsters in the same vein as Godzilla, King Kong, Giant Robo, etc. it was one of Sony Santa Monica's games before God of War.

this looks VERY similar, but with a Comic Book aesthetic.

if it plays and smoothly as War of the Monsters did, i'll pick it up day one.

ThanatosDMC3142d ago

That's what i was thinking about! I kept thinking Godzilla something but that's the one in my head. Just forgot the name.

Figboy3142d ago

because at the time of it's release, i didn't get a chance to pick it up.

i came across a copy randomly at a GameStop, and just HAD to pick it up. it's still very fun.

i was hoping for a true PS3 HD version, but this new game looks like a promising substitute.