Move and Kinect Will Ruin Gaming (Thanks Nintendo)

Guerrilla Play Writes: Every point in history has a turning point, when the tide of something changes. Sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. The dinosaurs died so the human race could evolve, knives gave way to the slap chop, the rag gave way to Sham Wow and now...

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Joni-Ice3758d ago

After Sony's Conference I feel more attached to Playstation Move. As for Kinect, to me its a different beast. Still not sure how it will work with certain games but Im pretty sure Microsoft will figure it out. They have to.

Shadow Flare3758d ago

I don't think they will figure it out. If they did they would have shown it at E3. And they would have also shown kinetc running LIVE and in perfect working order, which they didn't. How do you accelerate and brake in driving games? How do you play shooters? Is everthing on rails? We know as much as we did from last year. I sense that Microsoft have slowly realised that you just need controllers with some experiences, but they're too deep in this thing to back out now. Why do you think sony ditched the controllerless idea?

GWAVE3757d ago

They won't ruin gaming, just like Nintendo hasn't ruined gaming.

"Ruined gaming" is such a vague term. I could easily say Halo multiplayer "ruined gaming" by giving mouthy 12-year-olds a platform to whine. Or that 3D graphics "ruined gaming" by resulting in a decrease of 2D RPGs and Platformers.

Christopher3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

I gotta admit, the Sorcery game painted a very good picture of Move. Followed on a lot more games going Move-capable. It is definitely supportive of being an option for existing and upcoming hardcore games.

Kinect? I got what I expected, which just wasn't for me. I don't think it will ruin motion gaming, just Microsoft's potential.

Parapraxis3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

MS had a full year to do the touch ups on a fairly OLD peice of tech. (not talking about Sonys or Ninty's tech, I mean the tech made by PrimeSense Ltd which Sony & Ninty both turned down which is now "Kinect")
This is the final version, at this point it's not something that can be improved upon WITHOUT AN INPUT DEVICE.

We may have motion sensing tech in the future that is super accurate, fluid and accessable.
Kinect is NOT that technology.

Here's how I see it:

Move - an optional way to play games on PS3.
Wiimote - the most common way to play games on Wii.
Kinect - an expensive way to operate your dashboard, possible doorstop or footrest.

R2D23757d ago

and your console prefrence did not play part on your list.

Shadow Flare3758d ago

Apparently these guys didn't listen to Kevin Butler...

Mista T3757d ago

Move will be amazing, finally I will have similar accuracy almost to when I play TF2 on my comp

mcgrawgamer3757d ago

is this the same Mr. T that plays on the No Heroes servers in TF2 and is a freaking thorn in my side always stopping my kill streaks????

Mista T3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

no I have a different user name for steam, thats funny though lol

Seferoth753757d ago

Actually you wont have similar accuracy. Just much more improved than analog sticks.

If you had played a Wii FPS you'd know exactly what to expect. I cant go back to analog myself. Its mouse/KB or Wii remote

tunaks13758d ago

"Move and Kinect Will Ruin Gaming (Thanks Nintendo)"
no thank you sony and microsoft

Parapraxis3757d ago

Kinect could, if too many people fall for thew smoke & mirrors.
A lot of new gamers could become very jaded with gaming as a whole if they get suckered into this rubbish.

But seriously, f**k the author. The industry never died because of the Wii and it won't because of Move.
An Industry which is bigger than it has ever been before, with much thanks going to Nintendo.

This guy writes for a site? I could write better and more informed pieces in my SLEEP.

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