What Happened to The Last Guardian?

Kombo writes: Our guess is that both The Last Guardian and Team Ico 3D Collection were being retrofitted to work with Sony's new push to 3D and weren't ready for primetime. Nothing wrong with that, but if 3D is pushing back otherwise fine games, then is it really worth it?

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Cevapi884192d ago

i was looking forward to this game and a reveal of Agent...was happy i got my release date for GT5 and Twisted Metal shocked the hell out of me

xskipperx824192d ago

Twisted Metal did not shock me. I think you may be the ONLY one it shocked. It's been so heavily rumored for the last four months that if it DIDN'T show up I would have been shocked

SnuggleBandit4192d ago

ya, agent!!! and not to mention resistance 3....i thought that was a lock for sure!!

blitz06234192d ago

It's funny how all these articles are showing up. R3, TLG, Agent, FFVXIII all missing. Even after an impressive showing by Sony, these people will still find things that can disappoint them. It's also funny how there aren't any of these articles about 360 exclusives that weren't shown. Actually, I can only think of Crackdown 2.

ReservoirDog3164192d ago

There was an interview awhile back (quite awhile back) that they said they wouldn't make E3 this year. And it wouldn't be released this year.

So I never expected it. Probably something at TGS though.

NeoBasch4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

I think there's plenty to pick apart. To begin with, there was WAY too much talking. WAY too many ads (they took fifteen minutes to explain their PSP campaign). Would've preferred fewer montages as well. They needed to show more games: live demos, more announcements.

Where's my Syphon Filter, Agent, The Last Guardian, StarHawk, Resistance 3, Team ICO Collection, Getaway, Eight Days, Heavy Rain using PS Move, etc? Why spend most of it talking? Now's the time to impress. I'm sorry, but Nintendo had, by far, the best conference. Sony's efforts were solid, but I expected their A game. They have a $hi+ ton of games for both 2010 and '11, nearly every last one has potential to astound. So why did they make it sound SO boring?

Also, why did they spend so much time on multiplats? I mean the exclusive deals and shocking announcements were a nice surprise, but I prefer my first party and true third party exclusive games. Maybe next year they'll get it.

EDIT: Lastly, no one picks MS apart, because we'd all rather just forget about it. Microsoft had one of the most embarrassing press conferences. We can still trust Sony will improve their presentation skills next year. Can't say the same for MS, sadly.

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Abriael4192d ago

It's pretty simple. When you have more than 20 first party studios, each working on games, you can't show every thing in a single conference.

mercenarie4192d ago

going to be at TGS.. but i was looking forward to seeing anything on Agent.. im guessing their going to save it for that shitty video game awards show during the end of the year.

-Alpha4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

When is TGS?

Thanks hayden

I love ICO and TLG looks awesome. It was my most anticipated title from E3 last year.

SnuggleBandit4192d ago

@ alpha

september 16th i believe it starts

SOAD4192d ago

They took too much time in ridiculing Microsoft, which was funny, but I'd rather have more games.

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Persistantthug4192d ago

Was just gonna say they are probably gonna break that out at the Tokyo Game Show.

Afterall, It is a Japanese made game.

The Great Melon4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Exactly. I see people complaining about Versus and The Last Guardian wasn't there this year. They may reveal the games outside of their countries, but I would assume the big stuff would happen on their home ground.

Narutone664192d ago

GT5 to be released earlier in Japan and Europe.
Maybe TLG will be announced together with the ICO/SOTC compilations in HD. I can only dream.

sinncross4192d ago

The game is most likely not being released 2010 so Sony will just work to strengthen heir TGS showing with this.

raztad4192d ago

Agreed about TGS.

IMO Sony did a great job emphasizing their renewed and stronger partnership with third parties. Did nobody notice how many BIG games are getting some sort of exclusive treatment? previous E3s were most about first party titles, and Sony pushing the platform all by themselves. In this E3 that changed, with a much stronger support from big publisher is time to share the wealth.

Too little time to show everything Sony has in store. TLG will be at TGS.

Narutone664192d ago

of those 3rd party developers saw Microsoft's direction with the Kinect. That maybe the reason why their giving more of their love to the PS3.

jack_burt0n4192d ago

it really is split now between europe usa and japan.

i expect agent will be at gamescom and TLG will be at TGS.

xino4192d ago

maybe we are talking about those games because most of us don't give a damn about Twisted Metal or GT5:/

Sony's conference was just a showcase for the fanboys and few franchise lovers of their games.

sikbeta4192d ago

Totally, TLG will be at TGS

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dktxx24192d ago

They probably want to show it at TGS so the can speak their own language and show off the game without a translator. Translator never really give that great of a feel for a presentation.

DanyBrown4192d ago

agreed probably the same thing with versus 13 if i remember ff13 was first demoed at tgs too. however agent seems to be a no show

Nitrowolf24192d ago

that would make sense
for a game that is suppose to make you feel it would suck to have a translator just trying to intimidate the devs feelings

jay24192d ago

Maybe Gamescom or TGS.

xtreampro4192d ago

They lied, I'm 100% sure I read a comment from one of the developers and they said they have something prepared for E3 but they had nothing.

What pisses me off even more is the fact that both Agent and R3 were not there, I mean WTH!!!

Seriously what are these devs doing?

karl4192d ago

working on the games u want?

xtreampro4192d ago

well they must be taking years making the first level because they haven't shown anything.

they should at least show finished builds of at least the first stage of their games or something.

karl4192d ago

i agree with u but sony had to present the PS move, some 3d games and lets not forget the psp part of the conference

i would have taken the psp part out and included all those games but someone else wouldnt be happy xD.. that was the boring part to me

anyway im sure there was another reason... i think SONY's conference was the shortest so the could have included a few more games...

FadedWolf134192d ago

i think the ps3 was the long where did you watch the conference? it was clearly the longest one.

not hating on you just saying wouldn't want you to miss out on gaming info bro.

sikbeta4192d ago

R3 couldn't be There When KZ3 was, KZ3 goes First cos It's Pushing 3D, I wanted to see TLG, R3, Starhawk, Ape escape, FFvs13 but E3 is not the Only Conference, so we need to Wait, I'm 100% Sure TLG will be at TGS..

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