GTAIV Update - A Day in Liberty City with New Screens: "GTA IV's a shocker at the moment"

The last time Gamespot got a look at Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar showed them a rather modest taste of what to expect from its highly awaited crime epic, one that gave us only a basic idea of the kind of urban playground the developer was creating. More recently, Rockstar took all that theoretical stuff we've been hearing about with regard to the game's new mechanics, and put it into impressive action with a new demonstration of the Xbox 360 version that started answering our questions about how the designers will change the gameplay in the fourth iteration of their seminal open-world action series. Can they tinker with the formula that sold 900 billion games across the cosmos without damaging its core appeal? Our answer right now? Yeah, they probably can.

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TriggerHappy5421d ago

wow i said wow backwards..Impressive

favorite part :"Instead of running around wildly while firing off clip after clip, taking cover means that you can calm down, wait for an opening and take more opportune shots. We're told that you'll be able to take cover behind anything that would make sense, though most of these objects won't last long as most cover is destructible and can be chipped away with bullets."

shyam1520075421d ago

I sincerely hope that the PS3 version isn't going to be delayed.

Dr Pepper5421d ago

I highly doubt it will be delayed. They would have announced something by now, as they are able to compare it to the 360 version in terms of progress. You shouldn't worry.

The Real Joker5421d ago

I have noticed all of the previews are from the 360. Strange. I wonder if they are having issues with coding on the PS3. Doesn't matter to me...I have both systems but will get it on 360 because of the extra content.

Dr Pepper5421d ago

Some of these screens aren't new...but they're damn cool so I don't mind.

icdedppl5421d ago

wow, the boat pic is cool. i hope we get to drive boats like that across the harbor!

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The story is too old to be commented.