Nintendo Press Conference 2010

Nintendo’s E3 2010 was, without a doubt, better than E3 2009, 2008, and 2007. However, I don’t think anything can top E3 2006 with the unveiling of the Wii and the long lines and stampedes to the console.

Most interesting is how Nintendo is making game journalists obsolete. Iwata Asks has Iwata interview his own developers and ask all the more interesting questions. On Nintendo’s website, interviews with full video were shown where they describe the products. This means Nintendo is bypassing biased game journalists who often ‘write against’ whatever Nintendo does. Nintendo seems interested in taking their stuff directly to the consumer.

What I think is most interesting is how right after the conference, Nintendo starts having people play their games. Nintendo anxiously wants everyone to get an experience with 3DS. This is very different from Microsoft with Kinect. Playing is believing. It was true in 2006 and still true in 2010.

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barakiu5118d ago (Edited 5118d ago )

Legend Of Zelda Graphics
I think it really is genius, while talking to a person in a live chat we went back and forth over whether it's Celda again or not, with me thinking it is.
We came to the conclusion that it's a mix of the two, I guess to appease to both fans of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.

I don't think that the perception for Skyward Sword will last that it has bad controls, reports are coming in of smooth gameplay and controls.

Another thing that is Interesting is Mario Sports Mix,
if the games have the depth of past Mario sports titles released that featured only one sport, then it has amazing potential for both the core and casual, it's like a breach title something they also called it if I remember correctly.

It seems Nintendo didn't really overload the presser but only teased things to be revealed slowly throughout E3, like check this out -


and this list of games

there's all types of new games they've revealed later on, even some with footage like Metal Gear Solid 3DS coming out.

good show overall, I wonder what else is in store for everyone.


Welp, Now Nintendo's Going After Sheet Music

It should come as no surprise that Nintendo is pretty protective regarding its IP. Going after emulators, ROM hacks, and reproductions is one thing, but it looks like the firm is starting to aim its sights on something rather surprising: sheet music.

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CrimsonWing691d 6h ago

Nintendo sure knows how to take the fun out of everything.

MeteorPanda1d 5h ago

this reminds me of that nintendo facebook social media question where they asked people what their favourite nintendo song was and people posted yt links. EVERY SINGLE ONE WAS TAKEN DOWN

Knightofelemia16h ago

You want to kill a party fast just invite Nintendo. But we are talking about a company who took down pictures of a strategy guide that has never appeared in the west. You don't see Square taking down music or sheet music to Aerith's theme, Tifa's theme, June Mermaid. Memorable tunes stick with fans to great games. Nintendo games have fans that have been routed since the NES. People have Youtube vids showing how to play Zelda's lullaby on piano, violin or my favorite the harp. Nintendo taking down sheet music or those curious about a Japanese strategy guide makes Nintendo look like an asshole to those fans.

PRIMORDUS9h ago(Edited 9h ago)

Torrent and Usenet is the way. Imagine if all these people just share game music, roms, fan remakes in that way instead of on a website. Nintendo would be so helpless and cannot do anything we all win LOL

gold_drake13h ago

its abit ridiculous at this point.


Out of spite those people should now out put all that music in a torrent upload and share it (I will seed for them🤣) Then email Nintendo the link to it lol. Good luck taking down a torrent. Torrents and Usenet is the only way to get around anything Nintendo tries to take down because they can't. This is the way to preserve games and game music, without anyone telling you otherwise.

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Nintendo, Xbox, And PlayStation Have All Now Abandoned Twitter/X Integration

The latest Switch firmware update kills off support for the Elon Musk-owned social media company.

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Jin_Sakai8d ago

Could care less. I use consoles to play games not for social media.

Cacabunga8d ago

Social garbage should be abandoned altogether.. the world is stupid since these things got introduced

senorfartcushion8d ago

I would say YouTube was more to blame for this weird unrest we are seeing at the minute. That platform has given license to some of the stupidest people to build advice channels for kids growing through their formative learning years. It's no wonder there are so many incels around.

z2g8d ago

The world was stupid before that. Social media just let you see it.

7d ago
z2g8d ago

It’s for posting content like game captures, not responding to your boo’s pool pictures.

But F twitter anyway

CrashMania8d ago

And nothing of value was lost, that site is a cesspit.

purple1018d ago (Edited 8d ago )

correction, was a cesspit,

now more of just a swamp / everglades / marshland

gold_drake8d ago

not sure who actually used it in the first placd

Vithar8d ago

Good, Twitter is getting worst than 4chan