AT&T claims 146000 iPhone activations on launch weekend

Just how many activations transpired during that first monumental weekend of iPhone sales? 500,000? 1 million? Nay, only 146,000 activations in those record-setting two days where finding an iPhone was comparable to last year's Christmas rush and the Nintendo Wii. Sure, those numbers are nothing to bat your eyelashes at; on the contrary, they are QUITE impressive. Did the iPhone really bomb, however, or were the predictions by supposed industry experts completely out of line?

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Rageanitus4102d ago

When it comes to pda phones I expect functionality and conforms to business needs. There is no need to pay 500+ dollars for a toy

Its a cool looking device but apple is trying to ride off their ipod name. And even so the ipod is overated. Sony and samsung both make good phones plus audio devices.

neogeo4102d ago

I have been saying iphone was crap from day one.
I also lost all my bubbles speaking my mind.
I'm making alot of money off of iphone returnes.
people that buy a iphone have to remove all there features such as blackberry connect. When they realize that the iphone can only push yahoo e-mail they return it to Apple then come buy a blackberry from me.


Kaneda4102d ago

From USA today "iPhone buyers have no regrets"

I bought an iphone. I am happy with it! it has good battery life when you listen to music. Short battery life is your use youtube and video feature, but it is better than regular ipod in video.

easy to use...

neogeo4102d ago

To Push you e-mail from a Enterprise or Good server?
or send a MMS message?
or swap out you simcard so you can go camping or somewere you don't wanna bring the iphone?
download hi speed 3g data?
swap the battary so you can use a spare?
or use your gmail account.
how about hot swap the memory so you can hold more then 8 gigs? not with iphone.

thats what I tell people day in a day out.
"not with the iphone"