David Jaffe Big Announcement Friday

...well big announcement for ME. It's not like I'll be revealing what game we've been working on, stuff like that. Well actually, I will be able to talk a little bit about ONE of the games for the first time...

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XxZxX5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

WOW Omnihilum reported this as lame.

A famous game producer have new game to announce and you put this as lame?

MyNutsYourChin5421d ago

Yes, I think the ARTICLE is lame and not news worthy. The annoucement itself will probably not be lame.

Firewire5421d ago

Guys Twisted Metal for the PS3 confirmed & Sony is setting him up with his own development studio.

Marceles5421d ago

If it's not God of War 3 or Twisted Metal then zzzzzzzzzz...

tinytwat5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

David Jaffe? who the hell is that?

EDIT: eh...i din't think either game was that interesting. i did like the God of War story but the game never caught my interest. i thought it was very can i put this... overhyped.

XxZxX5421d ago

think God of War..not God of War himself LOL but the Game, God of War

Azures5421d ago

he pretty much created twisted metal and god of war

JoeD5421d ago

Jaffe is a f*ck head. he thinks he's the muthafvcking god and has CliffyB's d*ck in his a*s...

Darkiewonder5421d ago

Twisted Metal Black Online for PSN.
New Studio announcement.

THE_JUDGE5421d ago

He'd better not announce a PSN game or anything thats small. The only thing I want to hear starts with Twisted and ends with Metal. PLEASE tell me its being made.


JoeD5421d ago

only if you say that Jaffe and CliffyB are butt buddies and love playing swords...

Darkiewonder5421d ago

I wouldn't be surprise if a developers WANTS to do a PSN Game that is at least 8gb big or still be under 2gb and make it epic. dumb? Sure. Possible? Yes.

Vojkan5421d ago

That is exactly what he is going to announce. New PSN game.Check 5 episodes on GameTrailers Bonus Round , where he said that huge epic games are in his past. Now he wants to create smaller games(PSN games) and that is exactly what he is going to announce on Friday.

All those BS stories with new studio, just forget it.

copshop5421d ago

TWISTED METAL!!!! would be nice :P unfortunately, i think Jaffe is a nugget head too. i like his games but he's definately an arrogant d*ck.

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The story is too old to be commented.