MrJack4848d ago

I actually can't believe that some of those shots are real!

I can't tell if the shots from the Top Gear test track are real life or GT5!

poindat4848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

-Day/night cycle confirmed
-Seemingly improved visuals
-Damage on production cars confirmed (if there was still any doubt)
-Test Track 100% confirmed
-NASCAR racing cars have been updated to match the changes made to the actual cars recently
-Holy crap solid release date

I've been waiting for this day a long time. And there's still plenty of more information to come, as I believe that PD is holding another conference/QA session (although it may be behind closed doors). Only a few months left and all of the waiting that we've been through will be finished...and totally worth it.

Dee_914848d ago

i didnt catch that at first ...
im tearing up right now .. im tryin to keep it together

Shadow Flare4848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

also, did you hear the tyres screeching? It sounds totally realistic now, finally!

mimizone4848d ago

@ShadowFlare: I am pretty sure the tires sound is from the real video of top gear. I am not crazy, they mixed some real videos part of that trailer, didn't they?

Shadow Flare4848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

no that isn't top gear footage. Thats GT5 footage. You can tell because top gear have a completely different way of using camera angles and using the camera in general. That was definately all GT5

mimizone4848d ago

@ShadowFlare: I just watched the trailer in HD this time, you're right, it is only GT footage. Amazing. If the tires sound like that as well as the engines, that's pretty cool!

Dee_914848d ago

the red car 2 1:06 isnt real ?

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Abriael4848d ago

I agree. If it plays half as good as it looks, this is a surefire GOTY for anyone that's not a rabid Microsoft or Nintendo fanboy.

Swamp7hing4848d ago

This looks fantastic. I can hardly tell the difference between this and real life. Great choice of soundtrack, too.

cpuchess4848d ago

That looked awesome, can't wait...

Keltik824848d ago

can't believe that is a game! Like you can play that! Unbelievable.

Anti-PS34848d ago

Song is nice. Does anyone know who that group is playing?

RedPawn4848d ago

It sounds like Lenny Kravitz, IDK.

karl4848d ago

where do they get these songs!!!!!....

gt5 besides cars always brings me some great songs with every edition of the game...