L.A.I.R. Hands On: Don't Get Burned

Looking pleasing with stunning visuals and some clever uses of the Sixaxis controller, Lair sets the mark for the best dragon oriented game of all time and sets the mark for which some previous dragon games fell heavily under. Lair is simply breathtaking in visuals. The draw distance is stupendous, and the enormous maps are rendered down to the last detail thanks to texture streaming. The dynamic texture meshing, aside from linear texture meshing, is a feat only possible on the PlayStation 3 console and no other. Thanks to the sheer power of the SPUs, Lair is the first game to use dynamic texture streaming.

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omansteveo4101d ago

Thats really not that hard to do what is it competition DRAKAN, or maybe DRAKANGUARD or even better PANZER DRAGOON for the Sega Saturn or original xbox

VirusE4101d ago

The Panzer dragoon games were rock solid in my opinion.

hazeblaze4101d ago

Yea, the Panzer Dragoon series was pretty solid. There have been a couple of decent dragon themed games, just not many that come to mind. And certainly none that appeared to do the theme as much justice as Lair is doing. The game looks better every time I see it & the combat is what you'd think should have been in ANY game based on a dragon... glad somebody finally got it right!

Antan4101d ago

Thats the second preview that now says there was no hitch in framerate what so ever! impressive indeed.

THE_JUDGE4101d ago

game for the blitz of titles on the PS3. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

okcomputer4101d ago

Its pretty safe to say at this point that Lair will be one of the best looking games ever. I'm just curious as to whether the gameplay will match the quality of the visuals. If it plays as well as it looks this game will be amazing.

Coffin874101d ago

yeah this is a 1st day buy for sure!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.