PlayStation Plus Launches Next Week; Check Out What It’s All About

Hi Everyone, you may have heard in all the E3 hype that we are launching a new premium subscription service called PlayStation Plus in just a weeks time, so I just wanted to give you all a quick heads up on what you can expect to get from this great new service so you have all the info before launch on the 29th June.

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vhero4857d ago (Edited 4857d ago )

Free Copy Of Little Big Planet For Buying A Years Subscription. What you get with your live sub again?
Also for those who say its not worth it
"Just the games, avatars and themes alone are worth at least £200* per year, so even before the other benefits, this service is great value for money"

jemarval4857d ago

I'd agree with you and perhaps suscribe to psn+ as soon as it arrives. I was actually especting psn+ and all of the features roumored BUT!!I dont like this: Everything you get with your suscription is a rental. If they "give away" a psn game, ps1classic, mini, avatar or theme, or whatever, you can only keep it for a limited period of time> After that, all of this content will be made inoperative or maybe even deleted from your ps3.

vhero4857d ago

no they dont get deleted just made inactive if you dont keep paying exactly the same as you would expect with netflix or anything else. We are dealing with expensive content here not 1 dollar mp3's what you download is yours forever as long as you keep your subscription and if your used to paying a sub for live or were then this shouldn't be a prob especially considering the massive benefits. People are trying to poke holes in the service.

WhittO4857d ago (Edited 4857d ago )

Dont think i will subscribe, I would've done if we got to keep the games we downloaded after we unsubscribe.

Wonder if we will get a new FW when this launches next week ? I really can't see the 12 hour maintenance being JUST for E3!

jemarval4857d ago

Im not used to pay anything with live, I have a ps3. But I'd prefer if they give me a good discount with certain games in psn+ and leting me keeping the games, than renting the games to me for 50 dollars a year.

Christopher4857d ago (Edited 4857d ago )

***Everything you get with your suscription is a rental. If they "give away" a psn game, ps1classic, mini, avatar or theme, or whatever, you can only keep it for a limited period of time***

You keep it as long as you keep up your subscription, not only for one month. You get additional games each month (1 PSOne, 2 minis, 1 PSN to be exact) that will be added to the list of games you can play as long as you maintain your subscription.

@jemarval: You do also get a discount on titles with PSN+... so you get both what you want and what you don't want. The problem is that it was likely only possible this way since offering a high discount (20-25%) would eat into more than just Sony's profits with many third-party titles.

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NYC_Gamer4857d ago

you dont get nothing with gold accept online which is free on psn..

4857d ago
Christopher4857d ago

Nah, you get Voice Chat, Party Chat, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm, and other features as well with gold, including ESPN now. And, honestly, XBLA online isn't something to shrug off.

jemarval4857d ago (Edited 4857d ago )

you shouldnt made this a live vs psn + thing. Besides, I think psn+ is gonna keep bringing new features. Its just starting.

NYC_Gamer4857d ago (Edited 4857d ago )

ps3 has all of these features listed

and sports/movies can also be watched via the web browser...

Edit @Below
why pay 50 bucks for features u can get free on the pc/psn...so in the end ur buying gold for the online

Christopher4857d ago (Edited 4857d ago )

@Nyc_Gamer: What does that have to do with your original comment above, where you state that you only get online access with a Gold subscription?

***why pay 50 bucks for features u can get free on the pc/psn...so in the end ur buying gold for the online ***

I get that, but it has nothing to do with my response to your original statement.

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earthdome4857d ago (Edited 4857d ago )

see image

edit: direct link


Nitrowolf24857d ago

how is that the only part in english and everything else is idk what langueage?

earthdome4857d ago

it only appears on playstation germany website..might be an error..which is supposedly to be a secret i guess

DaCajun4857d ago (Edited 4857d ago )

Like mentioned above the only part in English not German was about the cross-game voice chat? Nice try at the editing, LMAO. Next time do it in German to make it look more authentic than a big piece of crap fake.


Mista T4857d ago

I'm buying, people who get this will be getting access to KZ3 beta, just watch :)

AutoCad4857d ago

ya but with live you get to keep your downloads after your subs runs out.

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MaximusPrime4857d ago

i actually think its a great idea. im up for a year subscription

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StarScream4Ever4857d ago

Token wagers?
Cross-chat support?
Cloud services?

And all those options on the survey?

Christopher4857d ago

All of the items they're featuring were also on the survey... But they might be added. Honestly don't know.

Cloud service for save files might be implemented if Sony can give Steam the room they need to integrate Steam Cloud service for PS3 games.

Cross-chat is something I'm not sure they can do without relying on a third party.

Christopher4857d ago

What you get each month:
- 1 PSOne classic free (Sony's choice or selection from a set of games)
- 2 Minis free (Sony's choice or selection from a set of games)
- 1 PSN game free (Sony's choice or selection from a set of games)
- Discounts on PSN content (Selection from a group of items each month)
- Beta/Demo access assurance
- Qore Subscription (U.S.), which includes other free items
- 1 hour Full Game Trials (tracks trophies if you end up buying it)
- Auto download game/firmware updates
- Possibility for additional features later down the road

despair4857d ago (Edited 4857d ago )

dont forget avatars and dynamic themes