Wii gets Flashed by a bug too!

Symantec has warned of malicious Flash (.FLV) files that can attack and freeze Wii.

The Flash bug is usually exploited by files uploaded to video hosting sites like YouTube and can affect any platform (including video game console) that has a flash-enabled browser. Adobe patched the Flash flaw on July 12, but the Opera browser used by Wii remains to be vulnerable.

The following video shows the different effects of this bug on three different platforms: Windows, Apple Mac, and finally Nintendo Wii. Please visit Symantec's weblog for details.


Credit: reported by Liam OMurchu on July 20, 2007, at Symantec.

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ps3gogetitt5421d ago

That's how you attack the competition before you blow the lid open on your new DL content. OR could it be MS using doing it and including windows as a front

Odiah5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

Would it destroy my wii?


And why does my wii browser look nothing like that? :|