Dead Space 2 To Have PS3 Exclusive Edition With H.D. Extraction

HellDescent writes: "Sony has just announced that a Dead Space 2 and Dead Space: Extraction HD port pack will be exclusive to Playstation 3. The limited edition will contain both games and add Move support to Extraction."

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villevalorox5095d ago

sony is killing with this exclusive shit. lol

ShinMaster5095d ago (Edited 5095d ago )

It's a pretty good deal and plays with the Move.

WildArmed5095d ago

I'm sold on move (regardless of my past comments of hating on motion gaming!)

Too many HARDCORE games coming to move to miss out on!

Thank you, KB..
Thank you, Sony :D

sikbeta5095d ago

Yeah, Was great, that pretty Much Shows How Move Have all the Support and Games Are Appealing to every Kind of Gamer....

The Great Melon5095d ago (Edited 5095d ago )

Shoot, I kind of regret getting Extraction for the Wii a while ago. Oh well, that won't stop me from getting Dead Space 2. Loved the first one.

andthensum5095d ago

I Like How all the 360 Fanboys are trying hard to degrade every PS3 Article. Get A F*ing Life. Sony 1st, Nintendo 2nd, Microsoft non-existent. Period.

Arsenic135095d ago

A HD version of Extraction sounds awesome. I just wont be getting Move :/

vhero5095d ago (Edited 5095d ago )

Agreed I am getting it too (Move i mean) and they are in shops 3 weeks before Kinect and as MS has proven getting there first is how to do it. If the 360 never came out before ps3 it wouldn't still be around.

sikbeta5095d ago

That was Great News, there is no competition for Move, it Proved to appeal Every kind of Gamer, it has all the Support and it's Really affordable to Jump in...

Also Heroes on the Move is Day One!!!!

Sigh5095d ago

so bought. Medal of honor also!

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There are no "thoughtful" ads in video games, EA

There are no thoughtful ads in Video Games, EA. Leave them be.

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northpaws10d ago

I think the only type of games that can gets away with it would be sport games, having those sponsors ads on the side like on real life.

But don't put freaking Doritos ads in Star Wars or something, it breaks the immersion. If it is a pop-up ads, then big no.

Hofstaderman10d ago

EA can thoughtfully eff themselves.