New in-game Ads, what do they mean for you?

We are seeing more deals involving different dynamic ad agencies and video game developers popping up with the biggest one involving EA and Microsoft. These in game ads are billed as great things and from an advertisers perspective that is getting in product placement opportunities across a widespread demographic they are fantastic, but what do they mean to us the consumer?

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MyNutsYourChin5411d ago (Edited 5411d ago )

Why, why, why? What is the point?

I see the relationship between funding for a game and advertising in a game but is that really necessary? There is no reason why we as gamers need to put up with such an exploitation of our entertainment. I want to play a game without the distraction of an in-game commercial for Pepsi or Coke.

I want to look at the billboards in GTA IV and read something that mocks a conglomerate company like Pepsi with the label "Epipepsi" and a motto that says "Seizure Cola" (Seize Your Cola). Or come across a plastic surgery office that claims "You too can have more plastic than your Honda."

Then again, this might turn out to be an excellent way to get more financial support and thus increase the resources and qulity of the game. I know one thing, if I was a developer that allowed in-game marketing/advertising, I would charge a hell of a lot of money.

taz80805411d ago

First let me say...

LOL @ I want to look at the billboards in GTA IV and read something that mocks a conglomerate company like Pepsi with the label "Epipepsi" and a motto that says "Seizure Cola" (Seize Your Cola). Or come across a plastic surgery office that claims "You too can have more plastic than your Honda."

The sad part is these deals I think will have no impact on quality of games, just an extra source of money for those involved, gamers wont benefit one bit!

Syko5410d ago

The biggest draw to video games is the demographic 90+% Male 18-35. This is the most desirable market for big companies. Unfortunately they have found our happy place and want to slap logos all over it. It can be good and bad, It is definitely a slippery slope for us gamers.

ArduousAndy5410d ago

If it increases revenue to make a game better I am all for it.

Plus I always liked the real world feel. Think Left for Dead. Your running around being chased by zombies. The whole time your in new york you come across time square and you see the famous adds destroyed through time and rioting. It hads to the feel of realism.

Now on the other hand. If im running from a zombie holding out a whopper saying available now as hes trying to eat my brains. Then yes thats kinda crappy.

So I am rather ifie on this I guess its a case by case situation for right now.

taz80805411d ago

I have to say that I am surprised that more people dont have an opinion on in game ads. The way I think of them is like having junk mail or spam sent to you but you are paying for it! Funny how gamers take what htey are givena nd dont buck back. This is a billion dollar industry that needs to listen to the wishes of its clients.

MyNutsYourChin5410d ago

Great insight my friend, have a bubble.

Dr Pepper5410d ago

I actually think that in-game ads help bring more realism into a game, or at least can help. However, there is a point at which the amount can become ridiculous (unfortunately, there is some examples of this). But overall, I believe that it can help further immerse you into the videogame and make the whole situation more believable. However, I believe that it will get out of hand pretty soon. So, I guess I'm sort of split on the issue.

MyNutsYourChin5410d ago

While I agree with you that it could bring more realism to the game, I think this can be accomplished without actual real life companies invading our gaming community.

How much of a difference will it be to include fake advertising as compared to real advertising? Will a UK/Japanese/US/Chinese based company you never heard of make the game more realistic to you?

I think we're better off leaving real advertising out of our games. What happens when the advertising saturates the gaming community and then bam, McDonalds owns EA?

taz80805410d ago

I agree that it can add a level of realism in certain instances but I think the line between subtle and ridiculous is very slim. When I first saw in ad stuff I think I was playing Burnout and I thought it was pretty interesting but then I started seeing more of it in other titles. Now we even see it in games like Splinter Cell, why do we need a Best Buy ad in Splinter Cell? It can lead the way to a dark road where games get whored out completely in oredr to make more money. Will we see in game ads in RPG games? I good example of how advertising and product placement changes the identity of things is the Transformers movie, why make Bumble Bee a Cehvy other than Chevy dropped bags of money off in fornt of the producers door? Will we see this happen in games also? Will Dante carry a Glock instead of his trademark guns?

Dr Pepper5410d ago (Edited 5410d ago )

@ Omnihilum

"What happens when the advertising saturates the gaming community and then bam, McDonalds owns EA?"

Well, if McDonalds owned EA everything would be very cheap and come in huge portions...but that's beside the point.

I do understand your concern. In games such as Ghost Recon AW 2 there is ads for a game website (or something like it) on every billboard and it gets very creepy and annoying. And as long as I understand what the product is (if the game were to use a fake company) then it wouldn't be that unrealistic. So I understand where your coming from, but I don't think you need to worry about a gaming industry where fast food giants own the gaming companies (at least not for a while).

I also like what you mentioned in your first comment about in-game ads that make fun of real companies (like in GTA). I greatly prefer those, as it always gives a good laugh and humor to the game. This is a good conversation, so have a bubble.

@ Taz8080

This is a good article, so you can have a bubble as well for your find and interesting comments. I agree with some of your points (there definitely is a very slim line between subtle and ridiculous) but I trust that the developers will know when to stop and how much is too much. However, it may be a little late, as some have gone over the top. But as long as it is just a can of Dr Pepper sitting on the table (and not a huge sign saying: DRINK DR PEPPER), I think we'll be alright. Hopefully, like I said, devs will realize the line between subtle and ridiculous and not cross it Ghost Recon style (blatant ads that are just annoying).

MyNutsYourChin5410d ago

Your comment, "Well, if McDonalds owned EA everything would be very cheap and come in huge portions..." had me laughing. I agree, good conversation. Bubbles to you as well, sir.

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InMyOpinion5410d ago

Movies have had them for years. I still enjoy movies...

MyNutsYourChin5410d ago (Edited 5410d ago )

But it also costs less to actually use a real life product than to create a special model for the film. Instead of making a bunch of cans that look like name brand cola cans why not have a cola company sponsor the film and thus gain more funding and not use the time and effort in making such props.

In games, the dev team needs to create it either way.

marioporter5410d ago

As long as I'm not forced to sit through a full on commercial, I'm ok. A little add placement here and there doens't hurt. It helps, actually. You think 60 bucks is bad for a game now? If there weren't sponsors, then you can bet that the price of games would still be on the rise.

taz80805410d ago

You think that game pries are proportional to sponsors, man are you wrong. Just think how much games costed in cart form, in CD form and now in DVD form, interesting how htey always were at least $50, that seems to be the magic number that gamers will pay, how come PS3 and Xbox games cost the same... do you think the costs are exactly the same? The market price is made up by the industry, how come Wii games are cheaper or why is it that the same game in a few weeks can be sold for $20 cheaper at Best Buy, do you think the game companies are taing a hit on profit... no way! The game are where everyone makes money, they are mass produced ina warehouse and costs are very low, this has no bearing on game prices and neither will sponsors and ads, as long as gamers pay $60 they will ocntinue to sell for $60 and will go up wiht hte next generation as the perception that htese games are higher quality and should be increased.

MyNutsYourChin5410d ago (Edited 5410d ago )

The inclusion of in-game advertising may help decrease the price point of games, which is talked about in the following feed:

If the result of in-game advertising brings the retail price of games down, then hell yea, I'm all for it. But I think we should be weary of this kind of stuff getting out of hand, as taz8080 seems to be proposing.

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