Blu-ray Exclusive: Dragon Ball Z

FUNimation Entertainment has revealed to IGN that it has a big announcement planned for this year's San Diego Comic-Con International. Namely, the anime company will be announcing that it has decided to release its first high-definition DVD product on Blu-ray disc. What title, you ask, will be the lucky recipient of this inaugural release? Dragon Ball Z!

"After seeing demos of each next generation platform, it was clear that the Blu-ray platform was ideal for FUNimation," says Ward Thomas, Senior Vice-President of Sales and Operations at FUNimation Entertainment. "The capabilities of the Blu-ray technology allows our fans to enjoy their favorite FUNimation titles like never before."

And after this debut release, FUNimation plans to start releasing high-definition versions of "some of its most popular catalog titles in the U.S."

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DiLeCtioN5420d ago

ill be getting this one with my own money for sony just get somebody to make a next gen dbz game that will make me a very happy gamer

Chobits5420d ago

i hope they bring out all of the episodes on Blu-ray
ill spend all my games money for dbz <3

chasegamez5420d ago

my name blackton im new Legendary Super Saiyan
i will destroy the earth so bring on dbz blu ray

jlemdon5420d ago

This is question I want to ask Funimation and movies producers.

because HD-DVD does the same, Keep it real and say I went on the bandwagon.

ChibiSelz5420d ago

size? of the disk matters
why make 5 hd-dvd's when u can spend 1 saves money dont it

TaylorB5420d ago

Quality is the same. Potentially, the additional 20gb on a dual layer disc could be used for any reason. Less compression, new codec, etc.

Most importantly, BD+. Blu-Ray discs incorporate an additional layer of copyright protection. It's invisible to customers, but it's not to studios. That's why Blu-Ray has signed up so many studios, because they're concerned about protecting their intellectual rights.

Sure, it will eventually be broken I'm sure, but it's another impedance to pirating that it's competitor doesn't have.

WilliamRLBaker5420d ago

360 you obviously know nothing of the disc formats, because really size isn't that much different, 50gigs for dual layer bd, and 30 gigs or is it more now? for 2 layer hd dvd......

How much space do you need for high def Craptacular cartoons like DBZ?
WE can Include even more talking with random punches and kicks in teh blu ray versions of DBZ! On this episode of DBZ Freeza and cell join forces....Hey hey hey guys lets go on a picnic nothing bad could happen, huh huh huh!

As for that I just got done purchasing the DVD uncut collections 1 and 2 why would I purchase these versions? they all ready lied on those versions saying they took the opriginal wide screen captures and remastered them in 1080p...ect *there we're no widescreen original master tapes* half the action is cut off cause of their butchering so its...cut off craptacular cartoons.

Simply put its all copyrighting and thats it, There isn't much to do with space needed how much space do you need for HD DBZ? hd dvd would have been fine, but Funimation wanted the extreme Copy protection BD offers.

Tsalagi5420d ago

Does this mean that they might release Full Metal Alchemist too?

*dreams of all 51 episodes on one disk*

frostbite065420d ago

Funimation is Blu-ray
Bandai is Hd-Dvd
So it would be blu-ray if they chose to release it

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