Producer wants to go underwater for Mercenaries 3

Mercenaries 2 producer Jonathan Zamkoff reckons that going underwater is the next step for Pandemic's playground of destruction.

So there's going to be a third game, then? "If I have anything to do with it, there will be," Zamkoff told Eurogamer.
"We probably would be looking at underwater gameplay - submarines, scuba tanks and underwater action," Zamkoff said, when asked where the series might go next.

In the meantime, what of plans for a Mercs 2 demo on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live? "It's to be decided right now," says Zamkoff. "We certainly have ambitions to do so, but we've got a pretty tight window."

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JPomper5419d ago

More is always welcome.

MK_Red5419d ago

Mercenaries 3: Bioshock in Flames!
But really, I think they should add a lot of different and odd situations like underwater. Missions on moon, Near/inside volcano, Las Vegas and more...