Forever Blue Pleases Famitsu

With Forever Blue bringing a much needed dose of refreshing sea water to the Wii, Famitsu have dived in and rated the project a surprising 10/8/9/8 (35/40).

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PS360WII5417d ago

wow that's a pretty desent score... might have to check on this one a little more

synce5417d ago

Why do people even care about what Famitsu rates a game? They're paid off by publishers, and have openly admitted this in the past.

PS360WII5417d ago

Well why even care about any ratings from games for they don't or cannot have the same opinion as yourself?

Famitsu is still a gaming mag and they even scored Gears of War nicely so they're ratings are as good as any

Odiah5417d ago

I personally think Forever Blue sounds better then Endless Ocean though.


ItsDubC5417d ago

I agree Odiah. I wonder what research led them to change the game name? I don't really know too much about this game but I am somewhat of a fish hobbyist so it may interest me.

ITR5416d ago

Forever Blue does sound better. Might have been a copyright thing.

jigaman5417d ago

This game looks cool. I like the whole free roaming/exploration aspect. Graphics look nice too. I can't wait to try it out.

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